Disease and Pollution

AIDS, the infectious disease also called as the Black death of modern times, is extremely hard to cure and of very high mortality rate. The number of patient with AIDS is estimated to be around 40 million in about 170 countries and the number keeps rising. Each year Millions of people die in Asia and Africa because they did not receive treatment for AIDS. At least one in five people in Southern Africa are AIDS patient, and 1 in 4 children there lost one of their parents to AIDS.

Malaria takes lives of 3 million people a year half of the world population in 107 countries live in places susceptible to Malaria. Each year, 800 thousands children lose their lives to Malaria in Africa.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that affects the lungs and various organs of the body. It accompanies symptoms such as coughing blood and may lead to death without treatment. Tuberculosis is widespread in the world, infecting people through tubercular bacillus scattered in the air by means of coughing, sneezing, and dialogue with tuberculosis patients. Each year 9 million people get newly infected with tuberculosis. One in three of world population of 2 billion people suffer Tuberculosis. This disease causes even more severe damage to nations in Africa and Southeast Asia. Since polluted environment and poverty hinder efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

In 1948, global community established World Health Organization (WHO) with an aim to protect mankind from all sorts of diseases and pain.

Numerous international relief organizations take risks to help people suffering from diseases in the world.

Lee Jongwook, the 6th Secretary General of World Health Organization (WHO), dedicated his entire life to patients suffering from diseases and was in the forefront of vaccine development. He was also praised as ‘Schweitzer in Asia’ and ‘the emperor of vaccines’, as he contributed to eradicating Tuberculosis in 19 countries including North Korea. Traveling 300,000Km a year, Former Secretary General Lee Jongwook met with politicians and businessmen of the world, bringing out financial support and global cooperation. He was dedicated to the last moment of his life to the mankind suffering from diseases. His life still touches the hearts of many people in the world.

The former Secretary General Lee Jongwook did not give up his mission and dream to the end, protecting the mankind from diseases. His mission and dream have been renewed and handed over to us, the ‘world changers’.

- Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF / www.msf.org
Dail Community, a international charity founded in 2002/ Free hospital supported by sponsors without government subsidy/ About 80 medical staffs and 300 volunteers are Helping not only poor Korean people but also foreign labors and children in the third world.

International Vaccine Institute, IVI / www.ivi.int
Founded in 1997 to develop and provide vaccine for poor people in developing countries/ Conducting research and development of vaccine in 28 countries in Asian, African and Latin American continents.

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, IAVI / www.iavi.org
Founded in 1996 to develop HIV vaccine which is safe, effective, accessible and preventive/ Opened offices in 24 countries and conducting research and development of HIV vaccine and preventing movement.

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