International Conflicts

The most dreadful form of disease is war that hardens people’s lives the most.
What maintains peace is not mighty power. It can be attained only through understanding between each other.
In war, the most despicable and corrupted people gain power and glory.
Unless we have wars exterminated, we will be annihilated by them.
Those who love to see wars breaking out are just like mean-spirited children.

On September 11, 2001.
4 aircrafts were hijacked by Al-Qaeda, an armed Islamic terrorist group. Soon after, they made a suicidal crash to the World Trade Center in New York and State Department building in Washington D.C.
, which claimed 2,993 lives of innocent civilians. 
This incident came as a great shock to the whole world.

In September 2000
Pilgrims from Palestine and Israel threw stones at each other.
The repercussions from this collision spread out to the whole region of Palestine, leading up to the assassination of high-ranking officials from both sides through Palestinian’s suicide bombs and Israel’s retaliatory attacks. Such a deep-rooted conflict has its root in the founding of Israel in 1948 andcontinues to date taking even more victims.

The conflict between Catholic and Protestant in Northern Ireland, which started to emerge since Ireland achieved independence from the U.K. in 1921, seemed to come to an end as the Northern Ireland self-governing government was constituted in December 12, 1999.
At the dawn of the 21th century, however, an armed organization derived from Northern Ireland’s Irish Republican Army(IRA) recommit a terrorist attack, leading to the deprivation of Ireland’s self-governing rights. 80-year-long peace efforts fell apart at the seams in just 3 months. The conflicts are still ongoing to date with 3,165 people dead and 36,000 people injured.

On April 6, 1994, Rwanda, Africa, Rwandan President Habyalimana, a Hutu, was assassinated.
On April 7, the following day, the Hutus began indiscriminately killing Tutsis, who were behind the assassination, making it the worst case Civil War in Rwanda. The civil war continued for four years, having 1.5 million people massacred and 2.4 million people fled to neighboring countries as refugees. The war also got spread into other neighboring countries including Burundi and Jaire where refugees are being slaughtered in large numbers and the worst human rights violations are taking place.

In June 25, 1950
Korea experienced a painful war due to ideological confrontation.
As the only nation being divided in the world, South Korea is making ceaseless efforts for the past sixty years to find ways for reconciliation and co-existence.

The World War II was such a horrendous one with the highest number of victims and the worst property damage in human history while taking fifty million lives in total.
Despite the lessons learned from history, however, international disputes never cease to take place in every corner of the globe, leaving a great number of victims suffer in hell. 
Confronting violence and silly disputes that demand blood and death, It is time for us to become ‘world changers’, who win a war to find keys to peace and coexistence, reconciliation and forgiveness.

- Neve Salom /
Peace village of Jews and Palestinian Arabs / Founded in 1970 in Bruno Hussar, educator/ Started in 1977 by settlement of the first family. 52 families are living in this by 2006.

-Jody Williams, 1950~ /
American Social Activist/ Led the foundation of International Campaign to Ban Landmines: ICBL in 1991/ Led the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty which was signed by 123 countries in 1997 within 6 years activity/ Received the Noble Peace Prize in 1997.

International Crisis Group, ICG /
Founded in 1995 to prevent and resolve international conflicts/ Release monthly report, Crisis Watch which include research results of investigations / Propose policies or resolutions to governments or international organizations, including UN and EU.

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