Dokdo, Seikanron

One hundred years ago,
In 1910,
Seikanron (the Debate to conquer Korea) was created by Japan.

“If we overcome today’s crisis, Japan shall abolish the feudal government and honor the Emperor to strengthen our national competitiveness. At the same time, we shall conquer Joseon to make it a tributary state. That is the way for us to honor the Emperor.”

“With the bridgehead of the Korean Peninsular, Japan shall advance into the continent.”
- Yoshida Shoin (Master of Ito Hirobumi) -

Japanese leaders and Ito Hirobumi who led the Korean occupation.
Later, he implemented Seikanron Japan’s occupation into Korea for about 36 years
: Promoting peace in the Korean Peninsula and Asia

War between China and Russia
Not in the land of Japan
But in the territory of Korea
First Sino-Japanese War (1894~1894),
Russo-Japanese Wars (1904~1905).

After two of outright victories
Japan took the sovereignty of the Korean peninsula
and grabbed the plentiful amount of natural resources across Asia,
accumulating immense wealth

Before their strong ambition of imperialism,
Japan heavily invested into defense.

Stronger military power brought the next war,
World War Ⅱ

What Japan’s “Asian Peace” left was just
tragedy, disaster, and indelible scars across the Asian region.

And 100 years later,
Neo Seikanron

The tragic territory of Korea first invaded by Japan

As of April, 2010
Japan has begun to use history textbooks that teach
Its high, middle, and even elementary school students
that Dokdo belongs to Japan.

“Korea has taken Takeshima, the Japanese island territory, away.
Japanese students shall retake the island when they are grown up.”

That is what the history text of Japan teaches its children,
Denying the aggression of the Korean Peninsula in 1900 and
their brutality against Asians in the past.

Their seed of hospitality against Korea
is being planted into young children,
trying to conduct new aggressions of the 21st Century,
instead of regretting its past wrongdoings.

The past of 100 years ago is repeating itself until today.

somebody shall stop Japan’s “Neo Seikanron.”
This is not just a problem between Korea and Japan.
It is a very serious issue for all Asians to protect the peace of the region.

The Japanese government insists that repetitive untruth finally turns into truth.

However, VANK says the truth will finally be revealed.

While Japan’s aspiration for Asia will be diminished,
That of young Koreans will grow further and further.

VANK, Cyber Diplomatic Organization
has turned Korean young people
into Asian peace makers for genuine peace in the 21 Century.

They are growing up into heroes who save the world
in Asia and across the globe.

As the world’s smallest seeds of ‘mustard seed’ grow
into a forest where birds build their nests,
South Korea has successfully created a huge peaceful forest
which is widely visited by many foreigners who see hope and a bright future.

From now on, about one hundred years later,
around 2110
Korean youngsters will achieve peace in Asia.
You are the ones who will make the day of peace as Asia Peacemaker.

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