Africa’s Friend

VANK’s New Dream, Korea Becomes a Friend of Africa.

The continent of the world’s poorest countries

The continent of malaria and AIDS
The land of never-ending conflict and war
The world’s most dangerous destination

Africans have suffered from the lingering legacy of long colonial rule.
The black continent of Africa has lost hope.

One day, VANK received a special invitation from Africa.

“Please come to Zimbabwe, and give hope to young people here!” 
“I hope to initiate cultural exchanges between the youth of Korea and Zimbabwe.”
“Such exchanges will encourage Africans to build a better future.”
- From Lew Kwang-chul, Korean ambassador to Zimbabwe

Here began VANK’s African dream. We went on a trip to Zimbabwe for 10 days.

Zimbabwe, a spectacular ‘kingdom of animals’

Zimbabwe hosts the Victoria Falls, one of the world’s three most remarkable waterfalls.

Glorious history and culture
‘The Great Zimbabwe’
Beautiful nature and abundant natural resources

However, the international image of Zimbabwe is quite different.
AIDS, corruption, poverty, starvation, and malaria
Zimbabwe seems to have no hope for the future.

It still suffers from the wounds of exploitation and oppressive rule during the imperialist era. Its proud history had been forgotten in the hearts of young Zimbabweans. We went there to start a friendship with them. 

Zimbabwean traditional dance, Korean traditional fan dance

African children wrote their wishes on paper airplanes.
We wrote about our dream of becoming their supportive friends. 

We became one during a group circle dance. Korea and Zimbabwe became friends that will support each other.

After becoming their friends, we started seeing hope in Africa. 
Africa occupies 20% of the world’s total land area.
It is a vast land of potential and opportunities to realize many new dreams.

A billion people, one seventh of the world’s population, live in Africa.
It is a large enough group of people to bring great changes to the world. 

The world is turning to Africa for ‘abundant natural resources’.

Around 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 24.
Africa is a continent of youth and a healthy future.
Africa is a vibrant continent that has great natural resources and traditions.

We realized that Africa is not a black continent with a dark future.
Africa is a continent of hope with boundless potential.
Korea doesn’t want to just be an aid donor to Africa.

We want to help them break the widespread stereotypes of Africa.

We want to become Africa’s true friends, and help them create its new international images. Korea overcame the legacy of Japanese imperialism and the devastation of the Korean War.

Koreans brought Korea to the center of Asia. Korea is a good example for Africa, who suffered from western imperialism.  Africans are now pursuing to change negative images of Africa.

Please guide us with your experience of promoting Korea to the world for the last 10 years.
- Joice Mujuru, Vice President of Zimbabwe

Promise of friendship between Korea and Zimbabwe
‘Friends of Africa, Korea Project’

For the last ten years, VANK and its Korean members have promoted Korea to the world. VANK promised to support Zimbabwe’s effort to promote Africa’s potential to the world.

Our promise was publicized to the people of the country through Zimbabwean newspapers.

‘Friends of Africa, Korea Project’

As their friends, we will help them combat negative stereotypes of Africa. Our promise was a seed of hope! What we will do goes beyond economic support. Through the internet, we will build friendships with Africans.We will help our African friends promote their culture and tourist assets to the world.

Our effort will prove the power of citizens’ public diplomacy. We believe that encouragement and support are the best ways to help Africans.

Africans will soon start dreaming again of a new and better Africa.

VANK will be a friend of Africa.  Now we begin a new project to support our new friend. Let’s begin our new project, Friends of Africa, Korea Project.

We found our African dream in Zimbabwe. We will help our African friends have a better future. As a friend of Korea, Africa will no longer be a hopeless black continent. Africa will reborn as a hopeful continent of new opportunities.

Open your eyes to the new Africa. Share their emotions.

Please extend your hand to Africa, and help them promote the new Africa.

With VANK, you will achieve the African dream.
You will be world changers!

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