List of Comparisons: Have you heard about this country?

Have you heard about this country?
Ever since ancient times, this country has acted as a cultural bridge between countries. 

For its 5000 years of history, this country has developed its own unique culture. In the 21st century, this country is leading the cultural trends of Asia. Nowadays, cultural exchanges have become increasingly more common.

This country has taken the role of a bridge between Asia and the world. 
It is now expanding its cultural influence around the world.

Do you know which country this is? 

For its 5000 years of history, it has created many remarkable cultural assets and heroes.

However, such legacies are not well known outside the Korean peninsula.

The Forbidden City Vs. Changdeokgung Palace

The Forbidden City
The world’s largest palace complex with an area of 720,000㎡

Overwhelming grandeur of the palace

Its high walls show the emperor’s dignity.

The palace was built in a location distant from the common people.

Changdeokgung Palace

Inherent majesty in harmony with nature

Perfect harmony of the palace and the mountain in the background

The palace was built close to the residences of the common people.
It was intended to reduce the distance between the king and the people.

This country pursued social unity and harmony between architecture and nature.

Horatio Nelson Vs. Yi Sun-sin

A statue standing in Trafalgar Square in London

A legendary British naval commander
Admiral Horatio Nelson

A heroic leader, who led his forces to victory in the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon in 1805

During the battle, he was shot and realized his death was near.
However, he didn’t let it be known.

Nelson continued to give commands, and died after defeating Napoleon’s army. After his heroic death, he gained the fame of Britain’s greatest naval hero.

Yi Sun-sin Statue in Gwanghwamun Square in Korea

Admiral Yi Sun-sin (1545-1598)
A naval commander, who is considered one of the greatest leaders in world naval history 

Imjin War in 1592
Yi Sun-sin was never defeated in all his battles during the war.

The Battle of Hansando is considered one of the four greatest battles in world naval history. .

During the battle, Yi used an innovative tactic called Hakikjin (crane wing formation).

He also used the Geobukseon (turtle ship), the world’s first ironclad vessel. 

Admiral Yi Sun-sin was a brilliant strategist, who used innovative tactics and technologies.

Yi was fatally shot during the Battle of Noryang. 
“Focus on the battle. Do not let anybody know about my death.”

Despite his approaching death, Yi only cared about saving his country from the enemy. After his heroic death, he gained the fame of Korea’s greatest national hero.

“It is always difficult for an Englishman to admit that Nelson ever had an equal in his profession, but if any man is entitled to be so regarded, it should surely be this great naval commander of Asiatic race.”
[G. A. Ballard, Vice-Admiral of the British Royal Navy, 1921]
This country has this great naval hero, Yi Sun-sin.
Yi Sun-sin’s home country

President Lincoln Vs. King Sejong

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
: America’s most respected president

Lincoln united a divided America in a war between the South and the North. 

He also liberated slaves, and marked an epoch in world human rights history.

The figure on the US 5 dollar bill

Ford’s luxury car brand name

Lincoln Center

Nearly 150 years after his death, Lincoln is still deeply ingrained in the mind of Americans.
Over 500 years after his death, one king is still greatly respected by his descendants.

King Sejong (1397-1450)

One of his greatest legacies, the invention of the Korean alphabet, Hangeul

King Sejong sympathized with the illiterate common people.

He invented an alphabet specifically for the common people.
Hangeul was designed for anyone to easily learn. 

He provided maternity leave even to slaves.

Further, King Sejong put a talented slave in a government position. His name was Jang Young-sil, and he developed technologies for the people.

King Sejong was a leader who truly cared about the people, regardless of their status.

King Sejong’s legacy is deeply ingrained in the life of Koreans.
The figure on the 10,000 won bill

Sejong Center
King Sejong the Great destroyers 

This country has this great national leader, King Sejong. 
King Sejong’s home country

Queen Elizabeth I Vs. Queen Seondeok

She transformed Britain’s economy that was on the verge of bankruptcy into one of the wealthiest.

The New York Times Magazine referred to her as the best leader of the past millennium. 

Queen Elizabeth I
Ascended the throne at the age of 25, in 1558

She negotiated a settlement of the Reformation, enacted currency reform, and protected the people from foreign powers. 

She liked to get along with the common people, and soon gained their love and respect. 
“I was never so much enticed with the glorious name of a king, or royal authority of a queen, as delighted that God had made me his instrument … to defend this kingdom from peril, dishonor, tyranny, and oppression.”
- Elizabeth I’s speech to her last parliament  

Queen Seondeok
The first queen in this country’s 5000 years of history

When she took the throne in 632, Silla was the weakest of the three kingdoms.

Despite challenges, Queen Seondeok took care of the people and assigned talented people to proper positions.

Silla, the Millennium Kingdom
Queen Seondeok laid the foundation for the unification of the three kingdoms.

This country has this great female leader. 
Queen Seondeok’s home country

Alexander the Great Vs. Gwanggaeto the Great

Alexander the Great (336 ~ 323 BC)
King of Macedonia, who built one of the greatest empires with brilliant strategies
He conquered the mighty Persian Empire.

He created a vast empire, covering Persia, Egypt, Greece and India.

Despite his short reign of 13 years, Alexander’s legacy is highly regarded to this day.

Enabled cultural exchanges between the East and the West
Laid the foundation for the formation of the Hellenistic World

Gwanggaeto the Great (374~413)
King of Goguryeo, who built the greatest empire in the history of this country

Nineteenth king of Goguryeo, the strongest of the three during the Three Kingdoms Period 

Ascended the throne at the age of 18
Built a great empire, covering Yodong and Manchuria, with military power and strategies

Established cultural exchanges with India and many other countries in Central Asia

Developed a unique culture

Made Goguryeo a hub of cultural exchange between East and West Asia

King Gwanggaeto’s diplomatic policy is still praised for its international orientation.

This country has this remarkable strategist and conqueror.    
King Gwanggaeto’s home country

Aristotle Vs. Toegye Yi Hwang

Aristotle (384~322 BC)
Most influential philosopher in Ancient Greece

Aristotle had a profound impact on western philosophy.

He was also a tutor of Alexander the Great.

Toegye Yi Hwang (1501-1570)
Prominent Confucian scholar; One of his students was Yu Seong-ryong, who saved the country from a national crisis in the 1500s. 

Produced many of the leaders of the time

During the Edo Period, 45 copies of 46 volumes of 11 kinds of his books were published in Japan.

He greatly influenced the modern Japanese scholars of Kimon and Kumamoto Schools.

Liang Qichao, a prominent scholar and reformist in China  
He referred to Yi Hwang as a saint.
“Saint Yi Hwang, you are so far away.”

Nearly 500 years after his death, Yi Hwang is still widely remembered and respected.

Societies of Toegye Studies have been organized in China, Japan, America, and European countries.

This country has this respected philosopher.
Toegye Yi Hwang’s home country

Bone china Vs. Goryeo celadon 

Bone china 骨灰瓷器
Strong porcelain made in the West by adding the ash of animal bones 

china: porcelain
China: country in East Asia
China has been known as a country of porcelain.

Besides China, there was only one other country that made porcelain before the 17th century.

Even China, the country of china, highly regarded Goryeo celadon.

Goryeo jade green 高麗翡色
Unique and exquisite color of Goryeo celadon

“Goryeo’s jade green is the best of the best.”
- From Xiu zhong jin written by Taipinglaoren during the Song Dynasty

Goryeo applied Egypt’s inlay technique to decorate porcelain for the first time in the world.

It created an innovative decorative technique for porcelain.

Fusion of Egypt’s inlay technique and China’s ceramic forming technique

Historically, this country has developed a unique culture through fusion.

The 42-line Bible Vs. Jikji

Time Magazine, BBC, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post
The greatest invention in history

Metal type printing

Printing technology enabled the dissemination of knowledge to the public, which used to be dominated by the upper class.

It was an invention that caused revolutionary changes in western history, including the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, and the Civil Revolution.

Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible is commonly known as the first book printed with movable metal type.

Inscription of Jikji on the UNESCO Memory of the World register in 2001

Jikji was printed 78 years earlier than the 42-line Bible.

The metal type printing technology of this country largely influenced Japan and other Asian countries.

“We learned bronze and wooden moveable type printing technologies from this country.”
- From Tokiyoshi-Kyoki (Japan)

This country has become a leading country in information technology by following the spirit of their ancestors, who created the best invention of all time, moveable metal type printing.

Miroku Bosatsu Vs. Bangasayusang

The wooden statue of Miroku Bosatsu
Japan’s National Treasure No.1

“I have never seen any other work of art that so completely expresses a feeling of true peace.”
- German existentialist philosopher, Karl Jaspers (1883-1969)

The gilt-bronze statue of Bangasayusang
Korea’s National Treasure No.83
Known to the world as “The Smile of Buddha”

The two statues look almost like twins.
In fact, there is a secret about the Japanese National Treasure No. 1.

It is carved from red pine trees, which do not grow in Japan. 

“Miroku Bosatsu was a gift from Silla, and it looks the same as Bangasayusang, Korea’s National Treasure No.83.”
- Mizuno Seiichi, Japanese art historian

The culture and art of this country were highly advanced, and one of its artworks was designated as Japan’s National Treasure No.1.

Historically, this country actively engaged in cultural exchanges with China and Japan.

Through such efforts, this country has developed advanced cultures.

Mediterranean diet Vs. Korean diet

The Mediterranean diet is widely recognized as healthy. 

The Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and heart disease.
- Columbia University (USA)

The Korean diet is as healthy as the Mediterranean.

Food is the same as medicine.
Food and medicine come from the same sources.
Korean diet prioritizes health benefits.

Generally, Korean cooking keeps the original flavors of each ingredient.

Korean food is receiving increasing attention as diet food in Australia, America, and many other countries.  

Harmony of five colors, indicated in the philosophy of yin, yang, and the five elements – white, yellow, red, blue, and black; Bibimbap reflects the philosophy of this country.

Selected as one of the world’s top five healthiest foods by US Health Magazine

Historically, this country has developed a healthy diet.

Stonehenge Vs. Goindol (Dolmen)

Stonehenge in England
One of the world’s top 10 historical mysteries

Mysterious historic site
The date and purpose of Stonehenge are still unknown.

A dolmen site of this country is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

About 70% of the world’s dolmens are found in this country.

Astronomical diagram carved in Goindol (around 3000 BC)

It was created about 1800 years earlier than the earliest Babylonian star catalogues.

This country has the longest history of astronomical observation in the world.

Do you know which country this is?

Remarkable cultural heritage and ancestors

5000 years of history

This country is KOREA.

You will create new cultures in the 21st century.
What is your dream?

Your dreams create the culture of the future. 

VANK is looking for young Koreans who will carry on the legacy of our 5000 years of history.

Together, we will create new cultures for the Korea in the 21st century.

Korea will become a leader in creating new cultures by connecting the East and the West. 

Further, Korea will inspire the 7 billion people of the world.

With us, you will realize this dream.

Your dreams can create a difference in the future.

Together, we will create new cultures for the world.

Please join us, and change the future of Korea and the world.

You are the one who creates new cultures for the future.
The future depends on you!


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