One person’s dream changed the World History

How far a person’s dream can go? Can a person’s dream change Korea’s national image? If you want to know the answer, listen to this story. A Korean person’s dream has the power to inscribe the 5000 years of Korean history in the minds of people all over the world. A Korean person’s action can [...]

The Influence and Importance of the Korean Metal Type


Writer: Gi-tae Park, VANK Co-writer: Cheol-hee Lee, Director of Cheongju Early Printing Museum Though the Korean Metal Type was created earlier than Gutenberg‘s, there are someone who think that it is of less significance because it was less influential from a historical point of view. I admit that it can be seen like that but [...]

Interview with the Chief of Cheongju Advisory Committee

Bendik Rugaas in Norway International Library took on the Chairman in the 5th Cheongju UNESCO Advisory Committee Meeting held in Cheongju, following the 4th Review Meeting, from 27th to 29th in JUN 2001. We interviewed with Bendik Rugaas and heard about the background and screening process of registering Jikji in the World Registered Legacy. Officer [...]

Announcements of World Leader and Specialists


Former vice president of the United States, Al Gore’s statements about Korean printing In 1995, Brussels, Belgium at the G7 Telecommunication Ministerial Conference : Koreans invented the movable metal type printing for the first time in the world, but unlike in Europe, It failed to develop Korean culture through its invention. In 2005, the Seoul [...]

Jikji was inscribed on UNESCO’s the Memory of the World


JIKJI was inscribed on Memory of the World Register, UNESCO with Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible on the same day. By this, this book is not only Korean’s heritage but the world’s heritage. Eventually, the world recognized the value of this book. In this chapter, we tell you the influence to civilization of this book and the [...]

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