Announcements of World Leader and Specialists

Former vice president of the United States, Al Gore’s statements about Korean printing

In 1995, Brussels, Belgium at the G7 Telecommunication Ministerial Conference : Koreans invented the movable metal type printing for the first time in the world, but unlike in Europe, It failed to develop Korean culture through its invention.
In 2005, the Seoul Digital Forum : Korea’s digital revolution is historically the second gift. Korea gives to the whole world following its invention of the movable metal type printing method.

Director of Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dietrich Schuller 

Jikji is the first book printed with movable metals. This was the revolution in the dissemination of information because from that moment on book it was very easy to spread information to wide public. Therefore, it also can be called internet of the Middle Ages.

UNESCO Memory of the World Programme specialist, Joie Springer’s statement

UNESCO’s declare for to early printing museum to Cheonju city and Republic of Korea in General for their attention and care given us and the support promoting preservation working General. Since the inscription of Jikji book on the Memory of the World registered in 2001. We have seen increased in the amount of the world that goes into the preservation throughout the world for this year particularly glad that of the effort set to be we received from Korea and Cheongju in general.

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