Jikji, 78 years ahead of Gutenberg Bible

Goryeo, the medieval leader of printing technology, opened the road of type technology.  The Renaissance in the 14th century  The Reformation on October 31, 1517  The French Civil Revolution on July 14, 1789  The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century   The last one thousand years have been a period of dramatic changes. Many important [...]

Tripitaka Koreana and Donguibogam

4. Korea, a country of remarkable documentary heritage  - Our pride of UNESCO world heritage (6 minutes) Production period: 16 years (1236 ~ 1251) Total number of workers involved: Over 200 thousand Total number of lacquer trees used: Around 400 thousand Made from 15 thousand wild cherry and pear trees Consisted of 81,258 woodblocks 52 [...]

The journey of the Joseon Wangjo Silok

2. Ahn Ui and Sohn Hongrok  - People who risked their lives to protect the nation’s documentary heritage Joseon 472 years of history 25 kings of a single royal lineage Gyeongbokgung Palace from the Joseon Dynasty Efforts to protect the integrity of the annals   Even the king was not allowed to review them.   [...]

A letter from Dr.Byeongsen Park, the mother of Jikji

 I encountered our national heritage in a foreign country.  In 1955, after the Korean War, Korea was devastated and became one of the poorest countries in the world. There were many kids begging on the street. After graduating in History from Seoul National University, I flew to France. I felt a great responsibility as the [...]

List of Comparisons: Have you heard about this country?

Have you heard about this country? Ever since ancient times, this country has acted as a cultural bridge between countries.  For its 5000 years of history, this country has developed its own unique culture. In the 21st century, this country is leading the cultural trends of Asia. Nowadays, cultural exchanges have become increasingly more common. [...]

Goryeo, the birth dynasty of Jikji and movable metal type

In 918, King Taejo Wanggeon established the Goryeo Dynasty, turning a new chapter in history, ushering in the middle ages, and closing the book on ancient times. Goryeo was famous across the world for its publishing. Goryeo made the world’s first metal typeset in 1377, with the Buljo Jikji Simche Yojeol, 78 years earlier than [...]

Korean Cultural Heritage

I. Documentary Cultural Heritage – Jikji In the history of the mankind,  there have been many efforts to deliver information quickly and accurately. Before the invention of printing, there were paintings on the cave wall and images carved in a stone or on a wooden board. Stories were handed down orally. Countless hours and unmeasurable [...]

Return of Displaced Cultural Property from Abroad

1. The global movement for the return of cultural property to its countries of origin In November, 2010 The U.S. promised to return all of 46,000 Inca artifacts kept by Yale University to Peru. Those artifacts were supposed to be returned after 18-month-long research. But, it took as long as a century to be returned [...]


The BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have all named the movable metal typeset printing press as the greatest invention of the last 1000 years. In medieval times, only scholars and the lucky, aristocratic few had access to information because of the exorbitant expense of printing books xylography, [...]

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