Why Jikji has been kept in France?


The first French ambassador to Korea, Collin de Plancy collected it and brought to France when he returned to his mother country. After his death, his collection was auctioned. A curio collector, Henri Vever bought and kept it. By Henri’s will, Jikji was donated to the National Library of France. The Korean historian, Dr. Byeong-seon, [...]

The proofs that Jikji was printed with movable metal type


After Dr. Byeon-seon, Park found Jikji, she researched on it and found various proofs that this book was printed with movable metal type. First, a postscript of the last page of Jikji prove it. It says ju-ja meaning metal type. Second, upside down printed letter prove it. Its original shape is this . If Jikji [...]

Introduction to Jikji


The original title of Jikji is Baegun hwasang chorok buljo jikjisimcheyojeol which means literally that Baegun hwasang copied and recorded meaning of Buddha’s the most important words, Jikji. Jikji’s writer and publisher were different. Baegun hwasang was the writer. Venerable Baegun was born in 1289 and became a Buddhist monk in his early age. He [...]

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