Korean Cultural Heritage

I. Documentary Cultural Heritage – Jikji In the history of the mankind,  there have been many efforts to deliver information quickly and accurately. Before the invention of printing, there were paintings on the cave wall and images carved in a stone or on a wooden board. Stories were handed down orally. Countless hours and unmeasurable [...]

Return of Displaced Cultural Property from Abroad

1. The global movement for the return of cultural property to its countries of origin In November, 2010 The U.S. promised to return all of 46,000 Inca artifacts kept by Yale University to Peru. Those artifacts were supposed to be returned after 18-month-long research. But, it took as long as a century to be returned [...]

Introduction to Jikji


The original title of Jikji is Baegun hwasang chorok buljo jikjisimcheyojeol which means literally that Baegun hwasang copied and recorded meaning of Buddha’s the most important words, Jikji. Jikji’s writer and publisher were different. Baegun hwasang was the writer. Venerable Baegun was born in 1289 and became a Buddhist monk in his early age. He [...]

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