Pyongyang and Pyeongan Province

Pyongyang is a city steeped in history. It retains cultural relics from ancient Gojoseon (2333-108 B.C.), the first nation established on the Korean Peninsula, and more relics from the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.- A.D. 668) than any other Korean city. Goguryeo was once the most powerful nation in Northeast Asia. Pyongyangseong Fortress (National Treasure No. 1 of North Korea), Anhakgungseong Fortress (National Treasure No. 2 of N.K.) and several mural paintings still testify to the kingdom’s grandeur. Modern Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea and its political, economic and logistical center as well. Naturally, Pyeongan Province, which contains Pyongyang, is the most developed industrial region.

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