About us

VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) is cyber diplomatic organization founded in Korea. VANK members are Cyber Diplomats to introduce Korea to the world and World Changers to solve global issues wisely to change the world. VANK hopes that Korea will be the hub of Asia and gateway to northeast Asia.

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Friendly Korea Community is a social network for Korea Lovers. Share meaningful friendship with Koreans and foreigners who love Korea. And take online based academy course to get to know more about Korea. You can learn more about Korean culture, history, society and many things.

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World Changer

VANK launched World Changer to build a space where the youth of the world share their dreams. World Changer is a social network tool which connects people in the world and help people to share the solutions to global issues which should be solved to build world peace.

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  Why do American teachers not teach about Korea in the classroom setting? Why do American teachers not give their students the opportunity to learn about Korea in the classroom setting? Why is the information on Korea, compared with other…

The Comfort Woman Statue Goes to America

The Comfort Woman Statue Goes to America

Do you know what the world’s longest protest is in the Guinness World Records? Who are they, and why have they been protesting so long? Every Wednesday In…

Short trip to Ulleungdo and Dokdo

Welcoming the sunrise near the sea in Pohang meant the beginning of Dokdo Camp for three days. This…

My Impressions of Dokdo

My Impressions of Dokdo

 From August 7-9, 2012, 80 members of VANK comprised of employees, middle, high school, and college students traveled…

Two early birds’ trip to Gyeongju (2)

It takes about 20 ~ 30 minutes from the museum to this Daereungwon Tomb Complex (Cheonmachong Tomb). Actually…

Quotes about Hangeul

Hangeul is perhaps the most scientific system of writing in general use in any country. Edwin O. Reischauer (1960/ Professor, Harvard University, USA, an historian in East Asian Affairs.) Source from East Asia : The Great Tradition, 1960 Whether or not it is ultimately the best of all conceivable scripts for Korean, Hangeul must be [...]

Admiral Yi Sun-sin

Don’t make a hasty movement. Be like a mountain. Move silently and cautiously  Yi’s statement to his generals before the battle of Okpo, stressing that they be calm and cautious in battle: The battle of Okpo was the first victory of the Korean Navy and Korean Army since the outbreak of the Imjin War (Okpopawaebyeongjang, [...]