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  Why do American teachers not teach about Korea in the classroom setting? Why do American teachers not give their students the opportunity to learn about Korea in the classroom setting? Why is the information on Korea, compared with other Asian countries like China and Japan, extremely limited in US World History textbooks? The Voluntary [...]

1000 Challenges-Koi

The name of this familiar fish is “Koi.” Koi is a type of fancy carp, known for its unique characteristic.  In a fishbowl, koi can only grow to 5 to 8 cm. In a pond, koi can grow to 25 cm. In a river, they can grow up to 120 cm. Depending on their environment, [...]

A story about a bamboo forest: Growth

A cool and shady bamboo forest Stretching out to the sky, bamboo trees grow up to 30m. A small bamboo shoot The amount of time this small thing takes to make a sheltered forest … “Only 6 weeks” Each day, a bamboo tree can grow 1m. However, many people fail in their attempt to grow a [...]

The Comfort Woman Statue Goes to America

Do you know what the world’s longest protest is in the Guinness World Records? Who are they, and why have they been protesting so long? Every Wednesday In front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Korea The protesters are the former “comfort women” for the Japanese military. During the Japanese imperial period, they were drafted [...]

Lost Names in Asia

What if your name disappears from the world …? Geese fly and leave their sound. People die leaving their names. – Chinese proverb  Tigers die and leave their skin. People die leaving their names. – Korean proverb Historically, Chinese and Koreans put emphasis on names. One’s name carries a lot of information. Their ancestry Their [...]

Dream of VANK

In 2005, a public campaign advertisement about VANK was broadcast after the prime time news. The 50 second advertisement promoted VANK’s dream to the public. Now, VANK has a bigger dream. VANK started with an email that one young man sent to his foreign friend. His foreign friend didn’t know anything about Korea, but he [...]

The ponds full of blood, the mountains filled with corpses.

In July 1937, Japan launched an all-out war of aggression against China to make China a colony of Japan. On December 13, 1927, the devil fell upon Nanjing, the capital of the Chinese Republic at the time. The army killed Chinese people, raped Chinese women, set fire to buildings, and pillaged all they could. Through [...]

Perfect match between history and modern

Perfect match between history and modern

As a foreigner, I spent my time after working in VANK to visit some places like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsangol Hanok Village, North Village, Hwaseong Fortress. I like entering into the history through these old architectures. When I walk along these traditional houses, I felt Korea has a perfect match in history and modern. In January [...]

A letter from Dr. Byengsen Park, the mother of Jikji

I encountered our national heritage in a foreign country.  In 1955, after the Korean War, Korea was devastated and became one of the poorest countries in the world. There were many kids begging on the street. After graduating in History from Seoul National University, I flew to France. I felt a great responsibility as the [...]

Hallyu Report V – The impact

I. Korean image Through drama and music, the image of Korea has attained greater exposure to the world-wide audience. Hallyu makes foreigners feel a close connection with Korea and gain a certain understanding about the lives of Koreans. The extensive spread of Korean cultural products naturally causes international audience to feel intrigued by other aspects of [...]

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