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Technology of Hope

Technology is ever evolving, like smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. At any time, we can talk to friends across the world through SNS. Today we can do a lot of things with just one touch on the screen. Every day, our life is getting more and more convenient. However, there are some people who are [...]

Africa’s Friend

Africa’s Friend

VANK’s New Dream, Korea Becomes a Friend of Africa. AFRICA The continent of the world’s poorest countries The continent of malaria and AIDS The land of never-ending conflict and war The world’s most dangerous destination Africans have suffered from the lingering legacy of long colonial rule. The black continent of Africa has lost hope. One [...]

African Dream

African Dream

The world’s superpower The world’s strongest economic power The world’s strongest military power The world’s most desired country to live The land of opportunity, America American dream The country where people of the world go to achieve their dreams Africa The continent of the world’s poorest countries The continent of malaria and AIDS The land [...]

Human Rights

On every Wednesday, an unfamiliar rally takes place outside the Embassy of Japan. Most of the participants are ladies in their senior years. All of them were former “comfort women”, who were kidnapped by Japanese soldiers during the World War II to be forced to work as “sex toys” for Japanese army. At that time, [...]

Women and Children

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1 says, All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. However… A woman in her 30s got arrested at a hotel in Southeast Asia for having a beer. She was sentenced to six lashes and a fine of $1,400 for consuming alcohol. Caning is [...]

Water Shortages

To drink a draft of water  Some people have to walk 10km every day across deserts under scotching heat. Children die from drinking muddy, polluted water. 4 in 10 in the world suffer shortage of water. 2 in 10 do not even have access to drinking water. Since 1970s, 24,000 people die each year from [...]

International Conflicts

The most dreadful form of disease is war that hardens people’s lives the most. What maintains peace is not mighty power. It can be attained only through understanding between each other. In war, the most despicable and corrupted people gain power and glory. Unless we have wars exterminated, we will be annihilated by them. Those [...]

Disease and Pollution

AIDS, the infectious disease also called as the Black death of modern times, is extremely hard to cure and of very high mortality rate. The number of patient with AIDS is estimated to be around 40 million in about 170 countries and the number keeps rising. Each year Millions of people die in Asia and [...]

Poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor

The richest 1% holds 40% of global wealth, 50% of poor people in the world share only 1% of global wealth 20% of world population consumes 80% of energy 80% of people are even waging a war to secure the remaining 20% of energy 2 billion people in the globe have no access to electricity [...]

Climate change and global warming

The Arctic, January 2010 Strikingly, polar bears were spotted as hunting their own kind for food. In the Arctic where temperatures have gone down warming the region, polar bears, unable to hibernate or get any food, turn to monsters killing not only humans but also their own kind. They are drifting on the slices of [...]

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