Poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor

The richest 1% holds 40% of global wealth,
50% of poor people in the world share only 1% of global wealth
20% of world population consumes 80% of energy
80% of people are even waging a war to secure the remaining 20% of energy
2 billion people in the globe have no access to electricity
While rich nations are fighting hard against obesity, 
1 billion people suffer malnutrition and shortage of food
35 people a minute
50,000 people a day 
18 million people die of starvation each year
malnutrition / the highest population growth rate of 15.4%
Global food shortage will only become aggregated.

In 2000, the world household asset stood at $125 trillion in total according to the United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER).

Over time, the gap between poverty and wealth widens to the historic highs.
Is this pain confined to them only?

Korea, one of the 10th largest trading nations in the world today, was one of the poorest nations in the world 60 years ago. 
Streets were flooded with people dying of hunger and orphans abandoned.
The whole world poured out donations to help the poor Korea.
Now Korea is the first nation to become a donor nation from a recipient of global aid.

3,500 staffs from Korea’s world-renowned aid organizations and NGOs are taking the initiative in relief work in about 60 nations around the world. Good-People, an UN-affiliated organization, is also spreading love toward neighbors in the world facing suffering.

There lived a girl named Kim Mandeok, in Jeju Island of Chosun Dynasty in the mid-1700s. This low-social class orphan girl was raised by an old geisha. Rather than being despondent about her circumstances, she made herself very rich out of merchant business. When people were nearly dying from starvation due to bad harvest in 1793, she donated all of her possessions to save lives of 1,100 people. The good deed of warm-hearted rich merchant Kim Mandeok set an example of Noblesse oblige 200 years ago. And her story reminds of us that each and every one of us is responsible for taking care of everyone in the world suffering a great pain due to poverty.

To spread out “donating culture”, To build a world without poverty and a gap between the rich and poor, it is time for ‘world changers’ to garner strength and put sharing into practice.

- Muhammad Yunus,1940 ~ / www.muhammadyunus.org
Bangladeshi banker/ Founded Grameen Bank which provide very small loans without collateral to the poverty in 1983 / Had loaned to 7.84 million poor people in 2500 offices in 2009 / Received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

- Abbé Pierre, 1912~2007 / www.emmaus.org
French catholic priest who dedicated life to relieve poverty/ Initiated Emmaus Movement, a self-sufficiency community for homeless in 1949/ Emmaus Movement has spread to 40 countries till 2007 and became international homeless charity.

- Habitat for Humanity / www.habitat.org
Devoted to building housing/ Founded in 1976 for a goal, Building simple, decent and affordable housing for everyone/ Built 300 thousands houses in 95 countries till 2008 and donated to 1.5 million people to helping start new life at new home.

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