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Northeast Asia Project

Destructionof cultural assets of minor ethnic groups in China. China, Daeryeon county this place was a naval defense fortress of Goguryo, the world’s mightiest nation in the 4 and 5th centuries. Bisa fortress, one of the world’s best defended historical fortresses surrounded by cliffs on all four sides is being destroyed due to China’s failure [...]

Dispute over history: China’s Northeast Asia Project

China carried out a national project called ‘Studies of History and Geography of Northeast Borderland and a Series of Phenomena?often shortened as ?ortheast Asia Project?, from 2002 to 2006. This project was led by the Center for the Study of Borderland History and Geography under the Chinese Academy of Social Science with the participation of [...]

Relationship with China

Goguryeo’s relationship with China The tributary relationship that Sui and Tang dynasties demanded of Goguryeo, was of a different nature from previous practices. As unified dynasties in Middle China they tried to wield absolute power over the surrounding states. They formally demanded Goguryeo to become a tributary state in fact. When Goguryeo refused this demand, [...]

Northeast Asia Project

What lies behind the ‘Northeast Asia Project? China’s history distortions that claim Goguryeo as part of Chinese history, are far more serious than the issue of Japanese distortion of history textbooks. The Japanese history textbook case concerns a “new edition” of state-approved school history textbooks. The Chinese history issue is truly serious because the project [...]