A story about a bamboo forest: Growth

A cool and shady bamboo forest

Stretching out to the sky, bamboo trees grow up to 30m.

A small bamboo shoot
The amount of time this small thing takes to make a sheltered forest …

“Only 6 weeks”
Each day, a bamboo tree can grow 1m.

However, many people fail in their attempt to grow a bamboo forest.

The reason many people give up
“5 years”
For about 5 years after they are planted, bamboo seeds show no change.

No sign of change.

To grow a bamboo forest, a long time is spent being patient and constantly watering and fertilizing the soil.

Only people who endure the long wait can finally see a thick and strong bamboo forest. We have a dream of seeing a bamboo forest grow. What are you doing to grow your own bamboo forest? Your dream can be realized within 6 weeks.

However, you need 5 years of preparation to see the change.
A bamboo forest requires 5 years to take form. 
5 years + 5 years = 10 years

For 10 years …
There was a young man who dreamed of growing a big forest.

In February 2013, he received an award in recognition of his work in training young Koreans to become citizen ambassadors in innovative ways. 

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development gave him the presidential award.

It was the fifth presidential award that he received.

The forest that he created to receive such results was Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK). VANK is leading Korean promotional activities with its 100 thousand members.

We are also dedicated to creating a better world. 

The amount of time this forest took
10 years

In the beginning, the young man had nothing in his hands. He had no knowledge of diplomacy, special skills, financial resources, or connections. However, he made a constant effort for 10 years to see the forest.

For that period, he developed his own techniques and programs to promote Korea abroad. VANK is now empowered with a widespread network of 100 thousand members!

The network continues to fertilize his forest.  This is not an unordinary story about one man.

Written by an internationally recognized author, Malcolm Gladwell,
“Outliers: The Story of Success”

The author investigated commonalities among people who made great accomplishments.

He reached a conclusion. 

The 10,000-Hour Rule
3 hours per day for 10 years

What made their accomplishments possible was not their genius, but the efforts that they put into it of over 10,000 hours within 10 years. Through such efforts, they became famed experts. However, VANK suggests that young Koreans go even further.

We hope you prove the 60,000-Hour Rule.

Instead of 3 hours, but in 18 hours a day!
10 years of constant effort to achieve your dream
The 60,000-Hour Rule

Except for your 6 hours of sleep, use all of your time to accomplish your goal.

Do you think it is impossible?
No, it is not true!

Guess how much time VANK took to become what it is now. Three hours a day was far from enough to achieve his dream! His English wasn’t good enough to promote Korea. First, he bought a pen-pal guidebook and started memorizing English sentences. Korea has had conflicts over history with China and Japan.

He stayed up all night reading history books written by renowned scholars. When he couldn’t understand by himself, he visited experts to ask questions. Then, he emailed foreign scholars and publishers.

Through such efforts, many errors about Korea have been corrected in foreign textbooks. He also made promotional materials about Korea for foreign tourists. Whenever possible, he distributed them to foreign friends. Three hours didn’t seem to be enough for him to create a forest.  

He spent all his available time to achieve his dream.

His constant efforts have continued
For 60,000 hours

It made his small pen-pal website into a leading organization for public diplomacy. What made this miracle possible was 60,000 hours of dedication. What is your dream to grow your own forest?

How do you need to spend your day to achieve your dream?

VANK is looking for young Koreans who will prove the 60,000 Hour Rule to the world.

Let’s create a miracle together.

Don’t blame your lack of knowledge, techniques, money or connections.

Become a pioneer by using your time as fertilizer to grow your dream!

You are the future of Korea.
You are the one who gives hope to the world.

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