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Admiral Yi Sun-sin of the 21st century

Admiral Yi Sun-sin of the 21st century

Do you know the story about how 50 cents made possible the world’s No.1 shipbuilding yard? In the early 1970s, the late founder of Hyundai, Jung Ju-young, visited the U.K. to gain investment for starting a Korean shipbuilding industry.  “The poor country of Korea is incapable of developing a shipbuilding industry.” Due to such pessimistic [...]

Discover Dokdo and East Sea

In the middle of East Sea, the body of water between Japan and Korea, there is the rocky island Dokdo, 87.4km southeast from ulleungdo. This tiny and shabby rocky island is the witness of the sad Korean History. Various wild species live in their natural state on the island. And marine resources are hid under [...]

How to name the sea

How to name the sea area between the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Archipelage    1. Historical Background  Historically, the sea area between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago known as the “Sea of Japan”, had been referred to by various names. Before the 18th century, no single name had been consistently used to [...]

The Historical precedent

The Historical precedent for the “East Sea” In most world maps and atlases used internationally today, Korea’s “East Sea” is indicated as the “Sea of Japan,” and therefore an immediate correction is warranted. To this end, it is necessary to review the historical background of the term “East Sea” and how Korea’s East Sea has [...]