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Facts and Fallacies – Geography

1. The False Claim that China Invented Metal Printing Type Examples of Distortions Japan: The Yi Dynasty became a tributary state of Ming. (High School, Detailed World History, Yamakawa Publishers, 1994.)  China: In 1948, the Republic of Korea was established in the southern part of the Joseon Peninsula. (Junior High School, World Geography (1), 1993.)  [...]

Facts and Fallacies – Culture

1. Disparagement of the Originality of Hangeul Examples of Distortions China: Many scholars worked together to create the 28 vowels and consonants by studying the Korean language and the combining it with the Chinese Language.(Junior High School, World History (1), Peoples Education Press, 1993.)  US: The Korean alphabet was created by borrowing from Chinese characters… [...]

Facts and Fallacies – Politics and Economics

1. The Korean War and the Division into South and North Korea Examples of Distortions Russia: There was great tension between the two countries Syngman Rhee insisted on invasion of the North. There were numerous confrontation in the areas near the 38th Parallel and military activities were initiated on June 25, 1950. (Secondary School Social [...]

Facts and Fallacies – History

1. The Makeup of the Korean People Examples of Distortions Taiwan: Signification of Koreans was relatively common because most Koreans were Chinese in origin. (Senior High School, History (2), National Institute for Compilation and Chinese Translation, 1994.) The Philippines: People; Koreans are, like the Chinese and the Japanese, Mongoloids. People in the northern part of [...]

Circus Elephants Korea in textbooks

Elephants  : Weigh a whopping 5 ton  They can easily lift up 10 healthy adult men.   Circus Elephants : Young elephants are raised with their feet tied to a stake.  The weak elephants try many times to break free but finally give up. Raised and tamed in this way, the grown-up elephants never try to loosen [...]

So far from bamboo groove

In 1986 it was selected by the New York Times ‘Book of the Year’ In 1986 prized for ‘a good book chosen by faculties’, american english literature faculty In 1999 recommended book of the boston public library Real story full of violence and death! -school library journal  Shocking survival story of a young girl Thrown [...]

What Japanese Textbook say

  Subject What Japanese Textbooks say Korean Analysis Mimana: Ancient  Japanese occupation  post in Korea * Japanese forces from the Yamato  court advanced to the Korean  Peninsula across the sea and  established a military outpost named  Mimana. *The Yamato forces formed an  alliance with Baekje and Silla to  fight against Koruryo during the  Three Kingdoms Period [...]