Circus Elephants Korea in textbooks

: Weigh a whopping 5 ton
 They can easily lift up 10 healthy adult men.
Circus Elephants
: Young elephants are raised with their feet tied to a stake. 
The weak elephants try many times to break free but finally give up.

Raised and tamed in this way, the grown-up elephants never try to loosen their rope.
Korea’s national image as seen from the textbooks of the world is the same as a circus elephant.

“About 47 % of foreign textbooks (a total of 1207 kinds) have never mentioned Korea.”
-Government Oversight, National Assembly in 2010-

“One in two textbooks across the world does not have any comment on Korea.”

A recently published World Geography textbook requires students to write the names of seas across the world on the world map. The right answer for the sea between Korea and Japan was ‘Sea of Japan.’ A recent Oxford World History textbook defines ancient Korea as part of Chinese territory.

Japanese history textbooks teach that  Korean island, Dokdo belongs to Takeshima, Japanese territory. “The Japanese aggression upon Korea was aimed at Korea’s development”

Classrooms across the world are becoming one through the Internet. And the history of Korea is looked as one marked with failure, slavery,  and depicted as a young elephant of a circus.  However, Korea boasts 5000 years of history, developing our own history and culture. Somebody has to sever the rope  and show a confident, fair and genuine history of Korea  to the world.

During the Imjin War in the 16th Century, Japanese Toyotomi Hideyoshi led his military forces armed with Jochong (firelock)  expecting a perfect victory.
However, it was just his expectation Joseon Dynasty led by Admiral Yi Sun-sin won the battles.
“Civilian Army” Behind the victory….. They were not armed military forces, just civilians who voluntarily went to the battlefield for their nation. It was the victory of their dream toward the restoration of their country. At that time, all Koreans including the intellectual, farmers, and even women became one to fight against the Japanese. 
The history of the Republic of Korea has been tied with the rope of the 21st Century. The genuine hero who will save the history is not somebody else armed with splendid knowledge and technology.  But just you, the young Koreans who are dreaming of a ‘Better Korea.’
Korean history and culture, remembered and recorded just as a failed story on the global stage,  can be re-written as one marked with successful events. It is the dream of Korean youngsters. Korean franchise restaurants have been fascinating the world. Once introduced at the side of menus at Japanese restaurants,
now, Korean food is widely loved as the world’s most healthy. 
< Dream of Korean Literature>
World-wide best selling Korean novels.
Korean novels, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, have been selling fast. 
More than 500 million Korean novels have been purchased across the world, now outnumbering the Harry Porter series.  And books relevant to Korea are now more popular than ever before. 

World-wide box office hit Korean movies. Korean movies, not welcomed by the world’s theaters, have finally beaten Hollywood movies in terms of the sheer number of moviegoers. Korean companies that can create harmonization between the west and the east. Once successfully overcoming the 1997 financial crisis, their corporate values are changing world business culture.

The ambitious challenge and the world-wide dream of Korean youngsters will re-write Korean history by leading the globe.
The cyber diplomatic organization of Korea, VANK is looking for young Koreans who will release the rope-tied national history and make our proud culture the cultural centerpiece of the world.
Your dream will represent the 5,000-year Korean history and be the future of Korea in this 21st Century

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