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Gando & Baekdusan

Here, we can see a river, which forms the border between North Korea and China. This bridge, which is the major trade route between China and North Korea, symbolizes the fellowship of the two countries. As we rode on an excursion ship and neared the river of North Korea early in the morning, residents greeted [...]

Gando: Conflict or Peace?

The whole situation and the truth of the Gando issue, the unresolved territory and border dispute, is difficult to understand from one side. If the conflict is emphasized then this becomes a conflict issue and if the peace issues are emphasized then this becomes a peace issue. It can be said that the policies that [...]

What must be done for building Peace?

In the 1930s, Yoo Gwang ryul said,” This is not only the present Gando problem but a Mongolian and Manchurian problem and not only a East Asian problem but a global problem that is in the spot light and critical like the Balkan peninsula problem during the European war. It is quite clear that the [...]

The Gando issues as peace

We have to overcome the conflict and settle this as a peace issue. Is that possible?  1) The geological significance of Gando It can be said that basically the Gando issues are a border and territorial issue between Korea and China but in the 19th and 20th century it became a northeastern concern with Japan, [...]

The Gando issue as a conflict

The reason why the Gando issue, the border conflict between Korea and China, in the 21 century is gaining more interest instead of becoming something that is overlooked is because it has so much possibility for conflict and debate.  (1) The beginning  The Gando issue became an issue between the two countries is in the [...]

Territorial dispute on Gando

Gando: Why does it matter? We all long for peace in Asia. A peaceful Asia allows us to have calmness and stability in our lives. However, from time to time peace is interrupted due to a failure to resolve conflicts that exist under the surface. Although there are definitely elements of conflict that persist in [...]