The Gando issues as peace

We have to overcome the conflict and settle this as a peace issue. Is that possible? 

1) The geological significance of Gando
It can be said that basically the Gando issues are a border and territorial issue between Korea and China but in the 19th and 20th century it became a northeastern concern with Japan, China, Korea (Chosun) and Russia being involved. When Russia was expanding their power to the northeastern region, they became interested in the Gando issues and Korea (Chosun) tried to set mutual relations but Japan got in the way and this didn’t work out. Japan winning the Rosso-Japan war, they were successful in driving the Russians out of southern Manchu and Korea was stripped of its diplomatic rights. Then in 1909, Japan signed the Gando Agreement that gave Gando, the controversial land, to China.

As you can see, Gando itself is a strategically important area. Also, it is easy to approach Korea, China and Russia and it can be a train connection path and ports can be built in this area. It is a vast area rich with local goods so it can’t be an area that can be left alone so it can be said that it is a source of power if you intend to rule East Asia.

Gando had to be occupied by the Chinese when expanding to the east and also was recognized as a natural fort. Gando has rivers flowing through and mountains surround this area making it suitable for a fort during war and once the land of fallen kingdoms. Gando can be obtained when advancing and retreating. It is a natural fort located in the southeast Jilin. If Russia got Gando, Japan and China would easily be beaten. If Japan got Gando, Russia and China would easily be beaten and it would be the same for China. This is why this area is so important. If Korea gets Gando, it would be a great footstep in advancing to the north.

If China can’t keep Gando, the northeast area will be in danger which is liable to lead to China in an unstable state. Gando is the shortcut to Japan and to the east there is Vladivostok and near Jilin to the north so it is an important place to advance in all directions. Therefore, not to mention its importance during a war but during peace time it is a great place with many positive effects.

Gando is an economical treasure connected to the life line. South of the Duman the mountains are extremely rugged and the soil is poor but Gando’s soil is rich and the mountains are mild which made this area the base for many heroes. In this area, there is, not to mention gold, silver, coal, copper, iron and etc. Rich in minerals and many forests with plenty of vegetation makes this area suitable for hunting and having rivers this also makes a great fishing or farming which was the location for supplies for the Russians during the Russo-Japan war.

Gando is near land and sea which makes this area a active mining, forestry, farming, hunting and fishing area and place rich with goods. You can reach Hamkyungpukdo of Chosun and Wusuri of Russia. The trade area was to the north the Songhwa and to the south the Chosun shores, to the east Vladivostok and is a center for industry and economics. If a base was located in this area, there would be endless resources waiting to be developed. The cost and efforts would be small but it is a place that much profit can be made.

Gando is an important traffic way. It is a buffer between Korea, Japan and Russia. If you have power over the east and west it has the potential to give the power to control the north and south. China developed roads in the southern part of Jilim and also proceeded with cultivation. Jilims southwest frontier is safe because Duman’s critical defending points being obtained. China built a Western change rail that connects the Amrok and Duman to the borders of the Russian Littoral province.

This locational aspect makes this area according to history a area of conflict. Gando is a military fort, economic treasure and center of transportation so if you occupy this area it will be the stepping stone for the ruling Asia is thought by the northeastern countries. The guaranteeing the safety of the Northeast is like guaranteeing world peace and safety. Also it was said that,” The one that rules the northeast rules the world.

2) The modern meaning of Gando
In September 28th 2004, the North Korean Human rights act was passed unanimously by the US senate. This aids the North Korean defectors in functions of external groups and themselves, letting them seek refuge in the US and by giving them refugee status. This will be a chance to bring more interest upon the North Korean human rights to the international society for more interest and to inflict more pressure. The North Korean Human Rights Act means that the US, in reality, is able to participate in the North Korean defector issues and the many others that occur in the northeast.

In this situation, it is known that the People’s Liberation Army placed ten thousand troops in three areas of the Duman border and thirty thousand in the Amrok area to stop North Korean troops defecting in mass groups. The shifting of the Chinese troops in the Chinese border area has a purpose to stop the not knowing but liable to happen mass defection but also intentions to put pressure on the political power of Kim Jung il.

The North Korean Human Rights Law of the US and the Chinese placing troops in the Amrok and the Duman and other elements can’t be overseen when occurring in the northeast. The Chinese are not overlooking the US expansion of power to the Amrok and Duman with the help of Korea, the charged up Russia getting involved to balance the power of the US and Japan offering loans and economic projects approaching the northeast with memoirs of ruling the this region. Being aware of this, the 21st century China with economic power and military strength is trying to reclaim the historical greatness. But with the northeast political, economical and strategical advantages being better known, the interaction between the countries of the world is interconnected in an odd way. 

This is why Gando issues play an important role in the power shift. But in the 21st century, we don’t want conflict but to keep friendly relations and make a peaceful environment. Hence, friendly solutions between Korea and China are needed to keep the Gando issues becoming a historical issue.

In the 20th century, Russia and Japan made an issue of the Gando self government or cooperative government and in the 21st century, Japan is approaching the defectors human rights from North Korea directly and indirectly. The recent Gando issues are not problems with territory or borders of North Korea and China.

When the influence of the northeast nations expands and when having interest of Northeast Asia, Gando will become an important issue as well as the North Koreas movement. Because Gando like the strategic importance of the Korean peninsula is a strategically important location. Some might say that this area is the one of the most important areas in the world and is the land of Byung ga ji jaeng (strategic conflict).

Therefore, it can be said that Gando is in the verge of becoming a stage for practicing a new peace and harmony among the northeast nations that correlate to the situations of the 21st century. It needs to play this role. The first steps can begin by having more interests about the Gando issues. As most people know, this area was the starting point for not only the Sino-Japanese war, Russo Japan but the Second World War. If the northeast nations can’t cooperate to keep a balance, there is always a possibility for nuclear war. Therefore, The East Asian nations must newly recognize Gando as a stage of participation and balance.

Gando needs to be recognized as an important stage for exchange within the East Asian network that will enable us to protect the value and development of human rights which is a very important value of the 21st century. In order to keep peace and balance in the northeast, the stability of the Korean peninsula and becoming aware of the Gando issue and planning for the future is very important.

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