We, VANK published different kinds of printed materials about Korean food, culture, history, historical features, and more to introduce them to foreigners and foreign scholars. All information in these materials is based on Korean governmental materials and famous Korean scholars. You can refer these materials when you write something about Korea. We give out these to scholars, textbook publishers or foreigners who want to learn more about Korea.

Here are our materials in PDF files.


1. World Heritage Map (2009)

This map introduces world heritages of Korea and countries in the world. It especially introduces Korean document heritages registered to Memory of the World Program by UNESCO.

2. Worldchanging Map (2009)

VANK started World Changer Project to help people to get a chance to contribute their talents and ability to change the World and share meaningful friendship with people from all over the world. This map introduces this project. And it gives you an opportunity to think the ways to solve most urgent global
issues which the world society is facing.

3. World and Korean Map (2011)
This map shows world and Korea Map at same time. You would find the location of Korea in the world map and learn geography and history of Korea in Korean Map.

 4. Korean Map (2011)
This Korean Map is useful for people who want to learn geography and history of Korea in same time. It also introduce you local history of each regions.

5. Korean Heritage Map (2010)
Koreans built independent kingdoms and dynasties for 5000 years and also created their own distinctive culture in comparison to that of its neighbors. In this map, you will be able to read about most heritages and relics of Korea.

6. Enjoy Sightseeing in Korea (2010)
This map introduce popular travel destinations in South and North Korea. If you have plan to visit Korea, explore Korea with this map before you leave your home country.

7. Delicious Journey of Korea (2010) 
This map introudces you local foods of every provinces in South and North Korea. Get to know more about Korean foods and try match game on the back of the map.


8. Great People of Korea(2012)  
Have you ever heard of great people of Korea? If you haven’t, look into this map to know more about great people of Korea.


9. The Vision of Korea – upside-down world map(2012)  
Find Korea on the upside-down world map above. On a conventional world map, Korea looks insignificant at the bottom edge of the Eurasian continent. However, when the map is upside-down, Korea looks powerful as it emerges from the continent and extends into the Pacific Ocean. It is still the same country, but our perspective changes, depending on its position.

Books & Magazines

1. The greatest invention,movable metal type printing and Jikji (2007)
This magazine is all about Jikji book which is the oldest movable metal type printed book in the world. It was published in 1377, which is 78 years earlier than Germany’s Gutenberg 42-line book. It is registered as Memory of the World by UNESCO.

2. Come, Meet Friendly Korea (2008)
This magazine contains local specialties and local maps of Korea. If you plan to visit Korea, this magazine will be helpful for you.

3. The man who transforms Korea, AdmiralYi Sun-sin (2008)
Admiral Yi Sun-sin is a national hero of Korea who defeat invasion of Japanese during the Imjin War.
This magazine introduces his life, tactics, domestic reputation and international reputation.


4. Heart Beating Korea(2010)
This small and cute book is designed for people who would like to travel Korea or get to know more about
Korea. It contains essential information about Korean history, culture, historical figures and related issues. This book will make your heart beat faster.

 5. Truth in Scholarship(2011)
It contains VANK’s activity and some writings about Korean history, culture and geography. This magazine mainly introduces VANK’s Letter writing campaign to correct wrong or distorted information about Korea.


6. May We Speak ? (2012)
We published this book, “May We Speak International Film Festival” to promote the brutality of Japanese war crimes, including the “comfort women” and Dokdo issue.

 Postcard Sets

1. Korean Food Cards (2005)
Korean food = Health food. From ancient times, Koreans have thought that food and medicine have common root. Therefore, both the ones who make the food and tthe ones who eat the food think of health. When cooking, people balance both animal-nature and vegetable ingredients and use less fats. In addition, Korean food presents variety of tastes according to differentingredients and recipes. For example, there are hundreds of types of Kimchi, and numerous kinds of teas. From now on, enjoy the diverse charm of Korean food. And be a friend of Korea.

2. Korean History Cards(2005)
Korea has 5000 years long history. This card introduces you every kingdoms and dynasties in Korean history. Get to know more about history and you will be able to understand Korea and Koreans well.

3. Korea Travel Postcard Set (2007)
Most foriegners visit Seoul, the capital of South Korea only when they visit Korea. But there are popular and must-go-places in other regions. Find out more most popular travel destinations from these cards.

4. Jikji Postcard Set(2007)
Korea is one of the world’s leading IT countries. Behind this success lies the development of diverse preconditions for printing techniques including papermaking technique, casting technique, stationery making and bookbinding, which paved the way for the emergence of Korea as the world’s IT power.

5. Korean Culture Postcard Set (2008)
Korea has established and developed its unique culture through last 5,000 years of history. Hangeul(Korean Language), Hansik(Korean Food), Hanbok(Korean Clothing), Hanok(Korean-style Housing), Hanji(Korean Paper), and Hanguk-Eumak(Korean Music) are the main themes of Korean culture which have been spirit and the essence of Korean culture in them.

6. Admiral Yi Sun-sin Postcard Set (2008)
Admiral Yi Sun-sin(1545~1598) is a hero who defended his country and people from the Imjin war(1592-1598) broken by Japanese invasion during the Joseon Dynasty. This postcards tell you his life, works, contributions and quotes.