Gando: Conflict or Peace?

The whole situation and the truth of the Gando issue, the unresolved territory and border dispute, is difficult to understand from one side. If the conflict is emphasized then this becomes a conflict issue and if the peace issues are emphasized then this becomes a peace issue. It can be said that the policies that will determine how it will be understood and ran. Due to the changes in the world, the importance of Northeast Asia in growing and the Gando issue has stirred much interest. Since China’s reform and opening policy in the remote region of the northeast, its single and multiple relation with Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Japan and US is seen to have a great change. 

Especially with the elevation of the political and economical status in the past 10 years, the Northeast Asia is globally an important region and the northeast area, being the center of Northeast Asia has strategic importance. The strategic status of the northeast area and the whole strategic status of Northeast Asia is so closely related that the strategy of the northeast has close relation to the world strategy. Therefore, the change of the northeast in the 21 century will effect the worlds strategic pattern. This is why the change in the northeast is not merely a problem in that region but is a change to realize the whole picture of China, the unification stressed multi race nation, which is closely related to the world situations. 

China, reacting sensitively to the changes in the northeast area, concentrated on studying the Gando issue from the 1990s and at the time of friendly relations with Korea, they reviewed the key issues and measures of racial stability and development. Also, in 1997, the effects of the changes in the Korean peninsula effecting the northeast were surveyed. This shows that the research of Gando as history, present and the future issue is something that is of interest in all timberlines. 

What is the truth of Gando? Conflict or peace? How should the Gando issue be resolved so that it will provide peace in the future? This is a task that is given to all of us which needs all of our combined wisdom.

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