Northeast Asia Project

Destructionof cultural assets of minor ethnic groups in China.
China, Daeryeon county this place was a naval defense fortress of Goguryo, the world’s mightiest nation in the 4 and 5th centuries. Bisa fortress, one of the world’s best defended historical fortresses surrounded by cliffs on all four sides is being destroyed due to China’s failure to correctly conserve the historical site and its development of the site as a tourist hotspot.

This old castle is a counterfeit as seen from its gate. It is a fake fortress built without any historical identification three years ago by the chinese government with some unidentified remnants of castle wall and cement. On the stairway going up to the Jeomjangdae lie several dragon sculptures, which used to be popular in the ancient ming and qing dynasties, causing confusion and congestion for tourists. Chinese-style tower has been built on Jeomjangdae where goguryo colonels used to command the army. below Jeomjangdae, there is a tang-styled gate.

On the left and the right, there stand models resembling horses and colonels dug out from the king jin’s tomb. It is the best place for taking photo, but the worst for historical identification. Tons of graffiti6 remain. Almost no administration or special care is being carried out despite the continuing decay of the building. The valuable cultural asset handed down to the world is vanishing, and only imperfect revivals or fake models remain.

Great Wall of China, another “fake”
This is Hosan castle in Dandong County, China. China introduces Hosan castle as the starting point of the Great Wall of China. The wall resembles the one built in the Jin dynasty. However, it is a fake Great Wall of China. Originally, it is Goguryo’s Bakjak castle.

Most of the historical documents from China comment that the great wall of China begins from Sanhaegwan. After the discovery of Goguryo bakjak castle, China buried the entire historical remains, and built the fake great wall of China. China promotes the false history that it conquered the area, which is currently North Korea with this fabricated evidence. China eradicated the entire Korean history left in such regions as tibet and eastturkistan. China then moved on to introduce this fabricated history to the world.

Now, China sells Goguryo, not silk
While travelling, we could meet middle school students from Korea. They were with their school principal to preserve, discover, and revive the genuine Korean culture and history.
Interview:we came to China to have students see the distortion of Korean history committed by China because all Koreans should participate in preserving our own history. I thought it pitiful for the han ethnic group (han minjok) that form a minority in China and consequently living a hard life due to the distortion of Korean history and discrimination. Despite the young ages, we will have students actively participate in preserving Korean history.

The King Gwanggaeto’s Stele for the Han ethnic group (Han Minjok) was kept inside bullet-resistant glass under heavy guard. Internal temperature rose by degrees, making an unfavorable condition for the preservation. However, China claims that it is protecting the tombstone from Korea’s threat to bombard it. In real, isn’t China giving much more damage to it? Koreans were the only people who created kings’ tomb in a shape of pyramid. However, the pyramidal shaped tombs were no more than piles of rocks and stones.

Museums hold two rooms without anything but a rubbed copy and several photos. If they are genuinely part of the chinese history, how could China be careless to such a degree? China asserts that Goguryo used to be a minor ethnic force under chinese control. Also, it maintains that king gwaggaeto was Chinese. one of China’s seemingly plausible reasons is that most of the documents from Goguryo is written in Chinese. If so, are all the documents written in English from England?

An Asian pyramid, tomb of Goguryo King Jangsoo. This pyramid seems to be in a clean and undestroyed state from outside. However, the internal state is extremely critical. Nothing left in the palace. There only lies money from the tourists who prayed a wish. In the crack of rocks, coins were stuck stubbornly. It is a sad sight for Korean visitors. The walls were damp and water was dripping from the ceiling. This is a place that should have been conserved for the future generation, not a tourist attraction.

The fact that Asia’s most well conserved pyramid was being used solely for the purpose of collecting money showed the reality of how cultural properties were being disregarded in China. If the Chinese honestly believe that the history of Goguryeo is theirs, would they still have distorted and damaged it so severely? This fact proves that China does not consider Goguryeo’s history as theirs. The Chinese, who were selling off two pyramids and cultural assets that were built by Korean hands, were now selling Goguryeo instead of silk.

China considers distorting history as a national project. They claim that all of Northeastern Asia’s history – starting from tibet, east turkistan and all nations that existed within China’s territory – is theirs. The first three advisors of China’s northeastern project were all members of the communist party. Li Taeing, minister of social science Shang whai cheung, minister of finance Wang woerin, vice-minister of social science.

There are 55 different kinds of minority races in China. They consist up to 8.4% of the total population in China. But the land they reside in is more than 60% of China, and they all have excellent resources. 55 minority races 8.4% of the total population of China resides in 60% of land in China countless resources. If China fails to unite these minority races, they will be in danger of losing more than half of their territory. Consequently, China is oppressing many minority races and refuses to acknowledge their right to independence in Tibet, East Turkistan, and inner Mongolia despite criticisms from the international media.

China was desperate to unite its minority races, and the method they choose was distortion of history. After forcefully entering Tibet’s and east Turkistan’s history into Chinese history through their ‘Southwestern project’ and ‘Northwestern project’, they turned their eyes to the Koreans, who resided in the Northeastern areas and started their ‘Northeastern project’

The Chinese Northeastern Project distorts all of Korea’s history into China’s, starting from Early Choseon, Goguryeo and Balhae. They also claim that all Korean cultural assets within their territory as theirs and registered them as Chinese with UNESCO, Thus degrading the Korean people’s roots to that of a minority race within China, and promoting this distortion to the world. This is a serious situation that will affect the Korean’s present and future.

Korea’s long history that dates back to more than five thousand years will be shortened to only two thousand years. In the case of territories, the vast manchurian plains and all of North Korea will be lost, and Korea’s history will be discredited into a small, powerless nation’s history that is limited to only the area south of the Hangang river.

China’s Northeastern project intercepts the Korean influence over the manjurian plain so that the Korean people’s preemptive rights will be terminated. China is currently proclaiming that north Korea is one of the four provinces northeast. If North Korea faces an unexpected collapse, China might use this fact to claim North Korea’s territory as their own. The Chinese BBC already indicates North Korea as part of China.

World-famous search engine Google as well as American and Canadian textbooks all indicate Korean history as that of China’s. 34 major corporations around the world have 53 maps which indicate all or some part of Korea as China’s. However, those areas are clearly the territory of Koreans who fought China for hundreds of years. The world has the responsibility to correct China’s distortion of its own minority race’s history.

First, Goguryeo and Balhae are all part of Chinese history because it was built on Chinese land. Deciding a country’s history based on its territory or regime is unaccepted in the field of historical science.

Second, Goguryeo and Balhae was a smaller government that was controlled by the chinese central power or rule. While Goguryeo enjoyed a peaceful regime of more than 705 years, China had 35 nations emerging and falling during that period of history. Only two nations, the han dynasty and Tang dynasty sustained over 200 years. The term ‘central power’ is fit for Goguryeo than China.

Third, Goguryeo and Balhae were given the investiture of China. Investiture and tributes were diplomatic customs during that time. Japan also paid tributes to China, but they are not considered to be a part of China.

Forth, Korean ancient history was recorded by the chinese. Is the history of uSA. Canada, and Australia, recorded by the English?

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