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1000 Challenges-Koi

The name of this familiar fish is “Koi.” Koi is a type of fancy carp, known for its unique characteristic.  In a fishbowl, koi can only grow to 5 to 8 cm. In a pond, koi can grow to 25 cm. In a river, they can grow up to 120 cm. Depending on their environment, [...]

A story about a bamboo forest: Growth

A cool and shady bamboo forest Stretching out to the sky, bamboo trees grow up to 30m. A small bamboo shoot The amount of time this small thing takes to make a sheltered forest … “Only 6 weeks” Each day, a bamboo tree can grow 1m. However, many people fail in their attempt to grow a [...]

Dream of VANK

In 2005, a public campaign advertisement about VANK was broadcast after the prime time news. The 50 second advertisement promoted VANK’s dream to the public. Now, VANK has a bigger dream. VANK started with an email that one young man sent to his foreign friend. His foreign friend didn’t know anything about Korea, but he [...]

Peace in Asia

The most well-known Asian countries “China and Japan” These two countries have long been actively engaged in international exchange. They sent many expeditions across the world. Zheng-He’s Expeditions “Go across the oceans to the end of the world, and make every single country pay tribute to China!” - Yongle, the third emperor of Ming China, in [...]

Korean Network

Korean people, 1% of the world’s population Korean territory, 0.07% of the world’s total land Should the size of the population or its land decide Korea’s global influence in the 21st century? Henry Kissinger, a master of diplomacy Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world Mark Zuckerberg, [...]

Against All Odds!

Spec Short for Specifications Korean job seekers refer to the combination of educational background, professional background and English test score as “spec”. Good specs include graduating from a top university, family wealth, fluent English, and international experience. There was a young man who had none of these. His life seemed hopeless. He went to an [...]

Public Diplomacy of VANK

朋友 [pengyou] ともだち [tomodachi] Friend [frend] Freund [froynt] Shamwari [shamwari] 친구 [chin-gu] We Koreans want to be friends with people all across the five oceans and six continents. Land size: 0.07% of the world’s total land area. Population: 1% of the world’s total population Our country is so small. How can we make friends with [...]


Jan 1999 – Started with personal website for pen-pal lovers May 1999 – Built prkorea.com website Nov 2001 – Established as non-profit organization to introduce Korea to the world Jan 2002 – Started 9 projects to introduce Korea to the world April 2002 – Appointed as Children’s Peace Ambassador by Korean National Commission for UNESCO [...]

Law of three

A person crossing a road pointed at the sky No passerby took the time to look at the sky Two people looked and pointed at the sky. Nobody looked at what the two people were pointing. Three people looked up and pointed at sky Surprisingly, people stopped walking and stared at the empty sky.   [...]

Friendly Korea Community

Friendly Korea Community

Friendly Korea Community designed for everyone who is interested in Korea like YOU! Let us introduce our URL first for you. Do you know what chingu means in Korean??? It means friend. So, just type chingu.prkorea.com if you want to share your interests with Koreans and international members who love Korea. To-dos in Friendly Korea Community First, go to [...]

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