Jan 1999 – Started with personal website for pen-pal lovers

May 1999 – Built prkorea.com website

Nov 2001 – Established as non-profit organization to introduce Korea to the world

Jan 2002 – Started 9 projects to introduce Korea to the world

April 2002 – Appointed as Children’s Peace Ambassador by Korean National Commission for UNESCO

Nov 2002 – Won presidential award in Promotion of Korea by 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Council

Dec 2002 – Won presidential award in Correcting Distorted information on Korea by Korean Culture and Information Service  

Dec 2002 – Won Korea Tourism Award by Korea Tourism Organization

Dec 2003 – Won National Assembly Award by National Assembly of Korea

April 2004 – Published a book, ‘Cyber Diplomat, VANK’ with Haneon publishing company.

Dec 2004 – Won Catholic Media Award

April 2005 – Started a project to train public servants, soldiers, teachers and more as public diplomats

April 2005 – Started a project to build social club in elementary, middle and high schools by members of VANK

Oct 2005 – Published a book for leaders of social clubs

Oct 2005 – Won presidential award in Diplomacy and Unification by Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Nov 2005 – Started a project to build human network for overseas Koreans

Dec 2005 – Started Asia Peace Project

Jan 2006 – Started co-operation works with local governmental bodies

Mar 2007 – Became a member of National Image Branding Council

Apr 2007 – Built French, Spanish, German and Arabic websites

Jul 2007 – Started World Changer Project

Nov 2007 – Built Italian, Thai and Indonesian websites

Apr 2008 – Became a Honorary Ambassador of Seoul

May 2008 – Built Gwanggaeto Project to help Koreans who need printed materials about Korea

Sep 2008 – Became a Honorary Ambassador of Jikji, the oldest movable metal type printed book

Oct 2008 – Built National Branding project via web 2.0 technologies

Oct 2008 – Won Special Award by Gyeongsangbukdo provincial governments

Apr 2009 – Built Cyber Dokdo Academy website

Jun 2009 – Won presidential award in Information and Culture by Ministry of Public Administration and Security

Jun 2009 – Won Seoul Tourism Award by Seoul Metropolitan government

Sep 2009 – Built World Changer project website in Korean

Apr 2010 – Won Yi Sun-sin Award by Gyeongsangnamdo provincial government

May 2010 – Won Creative Human Award by Jungang daily news agency

Sep 2010 – Built Global History Diplomatic Academy website

Nov 2010 – Built World Changer project website in English at theworldchanger.net

Mar 2012 – Renewed Korean language website of VANK 

To get to know more about VANK

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