Cyber diplomatic policy of VANK

Korea – Jumping to the key figure in Asia by the diplomatic policy of “Teeter-totter”

Most of people think that the public relation must be the CF or fine scenery of Korea on the famous TV program or other mass media in expensive budget executed. And they also think the Korean dramas and films telling about some fine Korean characters is most effective to let the world know of Korea.

However, the VANK has a different opinion. Because the point of view of the foreigners who were connected the Koreans in many foreign countries and the experiences of the foreigners who visited Korea are travelling fast to all over the world through the internet. Information of Korea and the impression of the Koreans are disclosed in detail to the whole world time to time and rapidly. Accordingly, the front line of the public relation of Korea must not be those unilateral advertize or brilliant catalogue, nor the wrapped personality of the Korean expressed in drama or film.

Things we need desperately is the 70 millions of honest personality of the individual Korean who are facing 700 millions of the foreigners, in other words, to be the nation that the world can love.

Then, what shall be the most demanded value for Korean to be loved by the world? What do we have to do to be attracted to the world or to be the nation that the world likes? Among the VANKee cyber diplomats , some well maintain the relationship with their foreign friends in constant pen pal and chatting, but on the other side, some have been refused by the foreign friends continuously.

Common significance among the attractive cyber diplomats whom the world welcomed are “chiming-in” and “teeter-totter” in their diplomatic policy. Before they tell about themselves or Korea, they ask about their friends and their countries first. As the friends answer, they give them echoes and show their sincere attitude to listen them.They try to show with all their heart that they are concerning on the interest of their foreign friends, respond them with wide opening ears and hearts, and convince them that they are the closest friends to them.

And they also apply the “teeter-totter” tactic in their relationship. While you are seesawing, the more a friend at the downside pushes, the higher a friend at upper side rises.

The higher he rises, the more he can be joyful in the air. Likewise, they study hard to fine the things that can makes their friends be happy and send gifts them. When the friends get down, they send a vivid Korean music; when they have good fair, they congratulate them as it’s their own fair.

And then that foreign friend, who experienced the happy and joyful time because of the Korean friend, begin to push down in full strength of his both legs to raise his Korean friend up the high in the air as he was. This is the taste of the ‘teeter-totter’ tactic. The efforts that Korean friends produced for happiness of his foreign friend returns in multiple to that Korean friend. That’s the true taste of the diplomatic policy of “teter-totter.”Korea of the 21 C. is marching on to the world with a theme of the pivot of Asia and the Gate of the northeastern Asia.

There are plentiful of the slogans in the nation and road, port and distribution system constructed.
But we can not be the key figure of the Asia by insisting, declaring one-side and establishing the related hardware. We must be recognized by the world society that Korea has the leadership to fill the entire Asia.When the world society have the attraction to the personality and leadership of the Koreans, they’ll visit Korea where they plan to live, to operate their business and to invest.

Accordingly, the VANK dreams to be the key of Asia and the gate of the northeastern Asia, but the core of the VANK is to be KOREAN that shares dreams and friendships with the entire world. We hope to share our dreams with the world society and cumulate our friendship with them. We also want to be recognized by them for our leadership with no money nor force. For it, we want to the Koreans to learn the diplomatic tactics of “chiming-in” and “teeter-totter” and execute our leadership at the front-line.

When the Korean of the 21 c. demonstrates this kind of leadership to the world, Kora can be the nation whom the world society loves. And, at the same time, Korea can be the key figure of Asia and the gate of the northeastern Asia.

We can be the Koreans who grant our love s for the behalf of 600 millions of the world society and take their loves back

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