Dream of VANK

In 2005, a public campaign advertisement about VANK was broadcast after the prime time news. The 50 second advertisement promoted VANK’s dream to the public.

Now, VANK has a bigger dream.

VANK started with an email that one young man sent to his foreign friend. His foreign friend didn’t know anything about Korea, but he still expressed an interest. The young man felt happy about having the opportunity to promote Korea.

Soon, he realized that there was a lot of incorrect information about Korea.
“Historically, Korea was a colony of China and Japan.”
“Korea is a crime-ridden and poor country.”

The lost name of the East Sea on world maps
The wrong reference to Dokdo as Takeshima

Actually, Korea has a prosperous culture.
Korea has 5000 years of great history.

We Koreans have strong passion.
VANK wants to accurately promote Korea to the 7 billion people of the world.

We also want to change the world. We hope that young Koreans will find their own dreams and make a difference in the world. Now, even people on the other side of the world have started getting interested in Korea.

Some foreigners buy a Korean dictionary to learn Korean. There is a foreign friend, who wants to become a diplomat and work in Korea. We research foreign textbooks, and write to publishers if we find errors about the East Sea.

With VANK, young Koreans have been promoting Korea to the world. Now, we have also started paying attention to our friends in Asia and Africa. We are helping them promote their culture and history to the world. VANK has been widely recognized for its contribution to promoting Korea abroad.

We received five presidential awards for our contribution to culture, education, diplomacy and national promotion.  Korea has become “a country of friends” around the world.  This is what we have achieved with our love for our country. A mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds.

However, it eventually grows to a big tree. Soon, birds come down to rest on its branches. The seed of VANK was our passion to accurately promote Korea. Now it has become a tree with thick branches and abundant fruit.

We hope it will continue to grow, and become a forest of hope for the world.

That is VANK’s dream.

We want to share our dream with everyone who believes in the potential of a mustard seed.

Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK)

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