Peace in Asia

The most well-known Asian countries
“China and Japan”

These two countries have long been actively engaged in international exchange.

They sent many expeditions across the world.

Zheng-He’s Expeditions
“Go across the oceans to the end of the world, and make every single country pay tribute to China!”
- Yongle, the third emperor of Ming China, in the 15th century 

The Emperor Yongle ordered Admiral Zheng-He to go on expeditions.

For the next 28 years, Zheng-He led seven expeditions with 62 treasure ships and nearly 30 thousand men.

Zheng-He began the first great voyage across the world.

Zheng-He opened up a Silk Road in the ocean.

He visited numerous countries to deliver the emperor’s desire to develop exchange relationships.

China aggressively pursued international cooperation and exchange.

Zheng-He’s expeditions preceded Columbus’s discovery of the New World and European expeditions.

Through the new sea routes, Zheng-He promoted China across the world.

It is no surprise that China is the most-known Asian country in the western world.

It is the result of China’s effort to promote its culture and history for over 600 years.

The Iwakura Mission
The primary purpose was to learn advanced military and industrial technology from the West in order to strengthen Japan.

After the end of the Edo period, the Meiji government took control of Japan. 

The Meiji government organized a mission that consisted of 106 members, including its top officials.

The Iwakura Mission was sent to America and Europe.
(1871 – 1873)

One of the officials was Ito Hirobumi, the key figure in Japan’s annexation of Korea.

Japan was determined to defeat the Western powers and become the center of Asia.

It started accepting Western culture and closely watching international affairs. 

The mission went to the U.S. capital of Washington D.C. to research international political trends.
They later moved to the U.K. to study the Industrial Revolution.

Japan wanted to revise unequal treaties with the U.S.

So, Japan started building relationships with high-ranking American government officials.

Japan thoroughly examined the treaties.

Japan eventually used this knowledge to make an unequal treaty with Korea. 

Japan also adopted advanced military technology after observing American and European military systems.

The mission visited many different countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, the Netherlands and Russia.

Using the knowledge they gained, Japan successfully upgraded their economic and military systems.

With renewed confidence, Japan waged the Russo-Japanese War and the Sino-Japanese War.

These wars caused tragedy and disaster in Northeast Asia.

In the 15th century – Zheng-He’s expeditions (China)
In the 19th century – The Iwakura Mission (Japan)

In the 21st century, Koreans are embarking on a great expedition to change the world and establish peace in Asia.

The Mission of Young Koreans for Asia
Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK)

VANK started as a pen-pal website in 1999.
It is now an organization that has 100 thousand members as of 2012. 

We recruit young Koreans through the internet. 
We train them to become cyber diplomats. 

PRKOREA 200 Thousand Project

The purpose of this project is to train 200 thousand citizen diplomats, who will promote Korea across the world.

Our goal is to have each of the 200 thousand citizen diplomats make friendships with at least 5 foreign friends. 

Then, a million foreigners will become our friends.

Citizen diplomats will interact with their foreign friends, families and their local communities.

Through friendly interaction, they will promote everything about Korea, including its culture, history, politics and economy.

They have corrected wrong information about Korea in various international sources.

Citizen diplomats play a crucial role in building Korea’s global image as a friendly country.

Their foreign friends learn about the real Korea.

In turn, those foreign friends promote Korea to their families and friends.

Someday all foreigners will think of Korea as “a country of good friends.”

This is our biggest dream.

Some say,
“VANK’s dream is unobtainable.”

“An enormous amount of money and effort will be required to promote Korea throughout the world. The dream is simply futile.”

Despite such skepticism, VANK members did not give up.

Korea has the world’s best internet infrastructure.
Taking advantage of the internet, everyone can promote Korea at will.

Some say,
“It’s a good dream, but it is still unrealistic.” 

However, VANK members feel confident that they can achieve the dream. 

Ten million Koreans travel abroad each year.
They can all be citizen diplomats!!  

Together, we can promote Korea to the 7 billion people of the world.

Many believe that promoting Korea is to show something amazing about Korea.

VANK disagrees.

What we need to promote Korea is not glamorous advertisements.

The best tool to promote Korea is our genuine friendship.

Build a sincere friendship with each of your foreign friends.

In just a matter of time, your friendship will reach the communities of your friends.

Your friends will express their love for Korea in their local communities.
Korea will be known as a country that makes friendships with the entire world.

This is the kind of Korea we want to achieve through the PRKOREA Project.

There is one question that Koreans are asked most frequently outside Korea.

“Are you Japanese?”
“Or, are you Chinese?”
“Isn’t Korea the country between China and Japan?”

VANK hopes that someday Asians will be asked such questions as:

“Are you Korean?
“Is Japan the country next to Korea?”
“Isn’t China a neighbor of Korea?

Korea becomes the center of Northeast Asia, the gateway to Asia, and the friend of the whole world.

This is VANK’s dream of “Near Korea.”

VANK wants Korea to continue to prosper economically and spiritually.

We also want Korea to share its prosperity with its global neighbors.

Friendly Korea is our ultimate dream.

Office workers

Whatever dream you have, please remember this:
Your vision will make a difference in your country. 

Your vision will make the future.

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