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Hallyu Report IV – The cause

One of the primary causes for Hallyu outbreak was the adoption of media liberation in many Asian countries in the 1990s, which resulted in a favorable environment fostering the cultural exchange of media products, which in turn benefited the spread of Hallyu. Hallyu was initially stimulated in 1997 by the screening of Korean drama “What [...]

Hallyu Report III – Korean drama

Korean dramas play a no less important role in popularizing Korean culture, particularly in the initial stage of Hallyu. The following section will cover the several notable examples of internationally successful Korean dramas, classified into three major categories: soap opera, historical drama, and idol drama. Soap Opera – Winter Sonata While most countries across East [...]

Hallyu Report II – Real life evidence(1)

Internet is not the only place to observe the rise of Korean Wave. International popularity comes with international activities and achievements. Let us now look at several representatives for Korean pop music and Korean dramas and their advance outside South Korean borders. a) Korean pop music Korean pop music (Kpop) presents many idols whose accomplishments and [...]

Hallyu Report I – Evidences

Hallyu,  also known as Korean Wave, refers to the spread of South Korean entertainment culture across the globe. The term ‘Korean Wave’ was created in the 1990s by Beijing journalists, who witnessed the exploding popularity of Korean cultural products in China (Kim 2007, cited in Lee 2011).. In most countries across East and Central Asia, [...]

A girl’s story

This is the story of what actually happened in a city in July This city is a capital of a country In fact, it is a metropolitan area where over ten million people live Right now, they are going about their busy lives Some time ago, a statue of a girl was placed in this [...]

Suggestions for the Future Direction of Japan

The Second World War (1939 – 1945) The war that caused the largest number of causalities and most property damage in world history Two countries were particularly responsible for these tragedies. Germany and Japan  Lebensraum (living space) Adolf Hitler believed that the living space of the German people was too small, and so Germany needed [...]

Dokdo Yellow Card

Dokdo Yellow Card: Young Koreans’ yellow cards for Japan’s 10 false claims about Dokdo  Internationally loved sport Football International sports festival The World Cup The World Cup used to be held only in Europe and South America. In 1970, Mexico became its first host on a third continent, which was the start of the real [...]

Empress Myeongseong

Empress Myeongseong

Have you heard of Operation Fox Hunt? It involves a tragedy that happened in Korea. It was about 120 years ago. A queen of Korea was brutally assassinated. The assassin was hired by the Japanese government. The Eulmi Incident (1895) Murder of Queen Myeongseong Japan wanted to reinforce its influence on the Korean peninsula. For [...]

Dokdo: Special Envoys to The Hague

Dokdo: Special Envoys to The Hague

About 120 years ago … Imperialism was sweeping through the world. The Japanese government was armed with superior military power. Japan went after Korea’s diplomatic rights. It began lobbying the Western powers and laying the groundwork. In 1895, Japan killed Empress Myeongseong. The queen actively engaged in diplomatic activities to protect Korea. In 1904, Japan [...]

A Story about Dokdo Sea Lions

A Story about Dokdo Sea Lions

Please Remember Us! Warm rocks in the sunshine Beautiful oceans with many species of fish We love Dokdo.   We used to live in the East Sea and swim around Dokdo. There were 30 to 50 thousand of us! However, the Japanese occupation changed our lives.  We are Dokdo sea lions. All of us died [...]