World Changer

World Changer is a social network tool which connects people in the world and help people to share the solutions to global issues which should be solved to build world peace. 

It starts with a belief that if we are all connected with sincere friendships then global issues including Climatic Change, Gap Between Rich and Poor, Disease and Pollution, International Conflict, Water Shortage, Women and Children and Human Rights would be peacefully solved based on people’s friendships and mind seeking peace. 

Mission of World Changer

We will call our members as World Changer and help them to be real World Changer. Anyone who is willing to build world peace with their efforts can be a World Changer. 

A World Changer will build bridges between people and nations, speak out for peace, and finally change the world in their country and international society through activities we suggest as follow: 

First, World Changers connects the world by making friends who have same interests in global issues in Making Friends section. 
Second, World Changers build bridges between city, class, club, family, school and organization in Bridge Builder section. 
Third, World Changers build a database which provides useful information about all countries around the world in order to enhance intercultural and international understanding in Nation & Etiquette section.
Fourth, World Changers reports peace-related issues, peace building efforts and columns about conflict and peace processes in the world in Paths To Peace section. 
Fifth, World Changers seek peaceful resolutions to global issues via discussion, debate and petition with other members in e-MUN section.
We invite you to be a World Changer to build peaceful world. 

Plant a seed of peace in the minds of people across the globe. 
Be a World Changer with VANK! Change the world!


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