Two early birds’ trip to Gyeongju (2)

It takes about 20 ~ 30 minutes from the museum to this Daereungwon Tomb Complex (Cheonmachong Tomb). Actually this is rear gate of this complex. There are many gates where you can go inside of the complex. Take any gates where you may find. In this complex, there are many tombs of Queens and Kings of Silla Kingdom.


You will be surprised little bit when you go inside this door. You may think that you are in a park while you walk along the roads. My Dutch friend liked this place the most because of beautiful and calm walking roads in the complex. There are many old and beautiful trees along the road. Trees generate clean and fresh air.

While you are walking the road, you may find these hills. They are tombs of queens and kings. Imagine that you are royal people in Silla Kingdom. It will gives you more inspiration to being in there.

One of them is open to visitors. You can go inside of it and see what it looks like. That one is Cheonmachong tomb. This tomb is considered as the tomb of King Jijeung, 22nd king of Silla Kingdom. It named after Cheonmado, the painting of a heavenly horse which was discovered inside of it. The painting was very precious and important artifact of Silla Kingdom. It was the first artifact which has painting on it. If you go inside of this tomb, you will see replicas of relics which were discovered from this tomb.

Don’t forget to seat on benches around this pond. It will gives you calm and peaceful moments. Forget every complicated things around your life. Enjoy the moment when you are in.

Two early birds(Me and my Dutch friend) was getting hungry little bit after walking many hours. So we went to this bread bakery near Daereungwon Tomb Complex. Hwangnambbang bread is one of regional specialty of Gyeongju city. This bakery was handed down for 3rd generations now. The bread is circle-shaped small one which is stuffed with sweet red bean paste. It is very sweet and soft. You can find many shops where sell this bread. But I went to this shop where the bread was created and sold at the first place. Many people lined up to buy breads at there. Be patience to taste delicious breads!

After two early birds ate about 10 breads, we went to Cheomseongdae Observatory. It is the oldest astronomical observatory in East Asia. It was built during the reign of Queen Seondeok(632~647) according to the record of the Samgukyusa book. It is bottle-shaped tower made of square granite stones stands on the square stone base. It is believed that Silla people observed moves of stars and moon. They observed to calculate the days and let the people know changes of seasons.

Chemseongdae is famous for its beauty at night. So we went to restaurant near this and went back to there. It looked totally different compared to daytime. Isn’t this beautiful and mysterious at night? I imagined that I was an observer during the Silla Kingdom. I might visit this Cheomseongdae in every night to see stars.

After we spent a lot of time in front of Cheomseongdae, we walked road and went to Anapji Pond. It is artificial pond which was built during the reign of King Munmu in 674. Silla people created beautiful pond and it became one of popular travel spots at night. Many people visit there especially at night. We wanted to spend more time to look at this beautiful pond and buildings, couldn’t help ourseleves to return back to Seoul. While we were heading to the main gate, we looked back again and again to memorize the scene. I sometimes recall the moment and think about scene. You will be a person who do the same thing as me after you visit there.

Two early birds’ trip ended up at very late night in Seoul station. It was unforgettable day for two of us. We will remember that day forever and I hope that you also be a person who share beautiful memories. One day was bit short to travel Gyeongju but enough to make joyful moments.

By Hyeonsuk Lim,
Staff writer

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