Short trip to Ulleungdo and Dokdo

Welcoming the sunrise near the sea in Pohang meant the beginning of Dokdo Camp for three days. This was my first time to see the sun gradually dye the gray sky with the orange light near the sea. With the sea breeze blowing, my mind was also rising and falling with the surf, and I was happier and happier, more and more excited about going to Dokdo. When making the first self-introduction with teammates of Team 5, I was surprised that some of them can speak in Chinese, which made me expect a lot for the three-day camp.

After taking the boat to Ulleungdo, I could see the blue-sky sea from the uphill of Ulleungdo, shearwaters fly high easily, boats going outbound… This majestic scenery took my breath away, and I felt that this was the most beautiful scene I’d ever seen! How amazing and surprising the place was! This made me fall in love with the island instantly, and I couldn’t get out of my sight from the pretty sea and mountains. While overlooking the village, I felt that it was a quiet and peaceful Arcadia without any noise like a city, and gave a non-bothering and mild atmosphere.

 When we walked on the cliff way to the Dokdo Museum, there were surrounded stores selling Ulleungdo’s special products. In my eyes, there were antique woodenwares, colorful handmade handkerchiefs, and local fresh farm produce. In the museum, there were a lot of detailed exhibitions and paintings for Dokdo. When I saw Chinese words and books, this gave me a familiar feeling. It presented a lot of historical meanings that ancients drew maps; for Dokdo, Korean are more patriotic than one after another. Their patriotic hearts and nation spirits made everyone admire and feel amazed. Everyone had discussions with passion for the night sessions, but it was difficult for me because sessions were in Korean, so I only saw my teammates talking about our topics – Korean History. From their face, I could see that they were eager to come up with solutions to clarify foreigners’ misunderstandings of Korean History: not only by textbooks, but also by online games; out of imagination, we got the booby prize… This made us swear to avenge in the performance tomorrow.

 The second day was the most wonderful and astonishing day: Landing in Dokdo was the highlight in the camp! Dokdo has been a dispute island between Korea and Japan, and this made me associate with Senkaku Islands in thinking, which also have been dispute islands among Taiwan, Japan, and China. When we took off the boat, there were a lot of soldiers holding South Korean nation flags beside the ferry to assert the sovereignty of Dokdo. Korean’s coherence was surprising to me.

Dokdo has the scene that Ulleungdo doesn’t have. The comfortable and breezing wind brought the strong sunshine and high temp away, and there were no scorching hot and unwell feelings. The sound that surf beat rocks was extremely loud and clear. Walking on the steep stairs along the island and looking around Dokdo’s beauty and scene, I kept pressing the camera shutter, wanted to keep the beauty of Dokdo in my eyes forever to avoid forgetting the impressive moments. When landing the top of Dokdo, it seemed that I saw the world’s beauty. Dokdo was so splendid that I almost forgot to breathe. Although it was beautiful, it seemed to give me a lonely feeling. Hope she won’t forget that Korean love her.

“It’s really a rare chance to go to Dokdo. Although he/she is Korean, it doesn’t mean that he/she has the same chance to go to the island as us. So it reveals that it’s truly lucky to go to Dokdo!” This sentence made me deeply feel that it was lucky and happy that I could go to Dokdo by this chance!

In the afternoon, we went back to the dorm to prepare for the night performance. Although I couldn’t join the Korean discussion, I felt that it was interesting and unforgettable to have many interactions with my lovely teammates. It made a lot of recommendations that I only said two Chinese sentences that made everyone confused! I felt a sense of achievement! And we succeeded in getting our glory back for yesterday’s defeat! That night all of us stayed in one room to eat, drink, and chat with each other, and played “Bunny Bunny” and Korean “Paper, Scissors, Stone”! It was really a great time to get along with everyone that I didn’t want to leave here!

On the third day – the last day – we took the small bus to go sightseeing in Ulleungdo. The pretty scenery took my breath away again! The power of the nature mortised the cliff palisades and gorgeous curve of the sea, the cool sea wind blew to my face and skin, and the golden sunshine made me narrow my eyes. No matter from which angles, I always think that her face is splendid and majestic. Thank the nature for its greatest and unpredictable power to make everyone view the beauty of Ulleungdo.

Our friendship was stronger and everyone treated me very well for the last hours to get along with my teammates. Although they couldn’t talk with me very fluently, they were willing to interact with me. I like their smiles and cute behaviors. Besides, there were some members from other groups eager to chat with me in Chinese, and this made me feel so touching and happy. As an intern in VANK, I’m extremely happy to meet everyone here! Both Ulleungdo and Dokdo – the small islands – contain a lot of historical relics of the evidences and developments that human beings lived there in ancient years. When we came back to Pohang, it was time to leave everyone. All of us left our contact ways on the Internet to each other, and we all hoped that we could keep the friendship forever. I love the beautiful scenery, the islands, and people that welcome me the most!

By Li Jia Qin from Taiwan,
An international intern of VANK

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