Korea is one of the most peaceful countries

Hello! I am a member of “Friends of Korea Club.” My name is Kwame  Amponsah.

I come from a beautiful country in West Africa called Ghana.  It was called “Gold Coast” before its independence on March 6, 1957. Why, do you ask? It’s because explorers who came there found a lot of gold, which later  became its name. My occupation is teaching, but right now, I am doing a graduate  course in Seoul Sam Yook University.

I first met Koreans when I was in the Philippines in 1996. There, I had many Korean friends who were very nice to me. Because of their kindness, I began to like Koreans. My Korean friends in the Philippines took me to entertaining places, which we enjoyed together. I got the impression that Koreans like amusement, which is really good.

My first visit to Korea was in 1998, but I stayed for just a short time. My second visit was in 2001. I’ve been in Korea since January 2001. In fact, in my country, Ghana, we don’t know much about Koreans. We started to know more about Koreans a couple of years ago. What we know is that Koreans are very family oriented. We also know that it is difficult to make friends with Koreans, because they don’t like to associate with foreigners.

But since I came to Korea for the past two years, I have found that most Koreans are very nice and friendly. I have many Korean friends, both men and women. The one thing I like most about Korea is that the crime rate here is very low compared with other countries in the world. I can say that Korea is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. I like almost all Korean foods. My favorite Korean food is Bibimbap (steamed rice with assorted beef and vegetables).

However, there was a funny thing that happened to me here in Korea was when I first ate “Tteokbogi”(a broiled dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning.). I went with my Korean friends to one restaurant and they ordered this dish and they didn’t tell me that it was very hot and spicy. So when I ate it, I started crying like a baby! Tears were running like a river from my eyes and nose! Since that day, I always want to eat this food because I like it, even though it is hot and spicy! Experience it, and you will miss all sorts of delicious Korean foods if you don’t at least try!

Kwame Amponsah (Ghana)

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