Foods of Gangwondo province

Dakgalbi Spicy Grilled Chicken
Dakgalbi refers to stir-fry chicken and vegetables such cabbage, sweet potato, carrot, and sesame leaf together
with spicy seasoning in a big pan. After eating Dakgalbi, the leftover seasoning is stir-fried with cooked rice,
which makes an extraordinary taste.

Hanu-gui(Grilled Korean Beef)
Hanu refers to Korean local cattle, and especially those bred in Hoengseong, Gangwon Province are famous in
the country. Gangwon Province’s unique natural conditions of the highland, more than 600m above the sea
level, improve the meat’s texture and flavor.

Honghapbap(Cooked Rice with Sea Mussels)
Honghapbap, cooked rice with sea mussels, soy sauce, and sesame oil, had been a special dish only for the residents
of Ulleungdo Island, but now it became a favorite menu also for the tourists from the mainland.

Chodang-Sundubu(Soft Tofu)
To make tofu, grind soaked beans and boil them before coagulating them. ‘Chodang’ originates from pen name
Heoyeop(1517-1580), vice envoy of Gangneung area of the Joseon Dynasty, and the tofu he made was called
Chodang Tofu. Tofu tastes nutty and plain and is a healthy food with low calories.



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