Foods of Gyeongsangbukdo province


Gwamegi(Semi-dried Herring and Saury)
Gwamegi refers to semi-dried herring and saury. Although people generally eat gwamegi with garlic and
leeks wrapped in seaweed stem, people in Pohang, the area of gwamegi production, eat plain dried gwamegi to
enjoy its unique taste.

Jjimgalbi(Spicy Braised Beef Ribs)
To make Jjimgalbi, first thoroughly steam galbi (beef rib) and steam it again with a spicy sauce made of ground
red pepper, garlic, and ginger for 10 minutes. It is fairly spicy, so your eyes might water. The food is so popular
in Daegu, home of jjimgalbi, in that even a ‘Jjimgalbi Alley’ was created.

Daegejjim(Steamed King Crab)
As daege looks like bamboo, it is named dae (bamboo) crab. Generally, daege is served as a steamed dish without
special seasoning, and it is stringy and tastes plain. Moreover, Yeongdeok area of the east coast has long been famous for daege.

Sikhye(Rice Punch)
Sikhye is a punch made by fermenting steamed rice in malt water. Since sikhye helps digestion, it is mostly preferred as a dessert in festivals and feasts when people dine much more than any other days.


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