Foods of Gyeongsangnamdo province

Chungmu- Gimbap (Dried Seaweed Rolls)
To make Gimbap, spread cooked rice on a dried seaweed and roll it after putting on various ingredients. The
food provides various nutrients at once. However, it easily goes bad. To solve this problem, Chungmu-gimbap,
wrapped rice offered with radish Kimchi and seasoned squid as side dishes, was created.

Dongnae-pajeon(Dongnae-style Seafood and Green Onion Pancake)
Dongnae-pajeon is the food that Dongnae vice envoy of the Joseon Dynasty presented to the king. To make one, fry the dough that mixes flour and rice flour with plenty of green onions and seafood. Today’s Dongnae-pajeon has become a favorite dish among ordinary people, not the kings.


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