Interview with UNESCO specialist about Jikji

Ms. Joie Springer

Q: Could you introduce yourself?
A: Manager of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme, a successful preservation and access initiative to raise awareness of the urgent need to preserve analogue and digital documentary heritage. I am the UNESCO project coordinator for the World Digital Library which helps to expand multilingual and culturally diverse content on the Internet. In addition, I work on activities supporting national development through the development of archives, including audiovisual archives, libraries and general
preservation work.

Q: Would you introduce UNESCO/JIkji prize briefly?
A: The UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize is an initiative of Cheongju City to commemorate the inscription of the Buljo jikji simche yojeol, the oldest known existing book of movable metal print, on the Memory of the World Register, and to promote the preservation and accessibility of the world’s documentary heritage. An award of $30,000 is given to an institution or individual recommended by a Jury to UNESCO’s Director-General in a very elaborate ceremony that has so far been organized in Cheongju every two years. Previous winners came from the Czech Republic, Austria and Malaysia. In 2011, the National Archives of Australia was chosen to receive the award.

Q: What were reasons why UNESCO chose NAA as the fourth laureate of UNESCO/JIKJI?
A: The National Archives of Australia was selected because of its impressive preservation programme across different media. It is outstanding in each of these, but is especially known for its work in the digital arena. It contributes to the global dissemination of knowledge that it has accumulated by participating in the development of international standards and guidelines. It contributes to international conferences and offers workshops, and in particular, it runs an exemplary preservation programme that also provides guidance to those seeking help to ensure the long term preservation of their own materials.

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