Korea’s bang trio

Korean ‘Bang’ means room in English and it is place composed of wall and partition for people to live. However, in Korea, “Bang” is used for commercial and public places. Korea’s bang trio, PC bang, Noraebang, and Jjimjilbang are 3 biggest examples.

As Korean society became modernized, Korean residential areas as well became westernized. However, traditionally, “bang” for Korean is not similar as “bang” for Westerner, which is used separately bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Before, “bang” was complex place used as its necessity. Koreans slept in “bang”, they ate, hosted guests and even read book or played games in “bang”. Therefore, because of the variety of “bang” usage, it is remembered as natural and friendly place.

Now, let’s discover briefly about Korea’s bang trio.

PC bang

First, PC bang (Internet cafe) first appeared in mid 1990s and it contributed in Korean game industries and IT industries. During the 2002 World Cup, foreigners were greatly surprised at the PC bang which consisted high speed internet service. Also, Noraebang(Korean karaoke), who likes to sing, is favored by many despite constant changes in Korean society. Koreans go to Noraebang with family, friends, and colleagues to spend time. However, of all bang culture in Korea, Jjimjilbang is the best one. Jjimjilbang is combination of unique Korean public bath system and jjimjil Service (western sauna). Recently, it became variety and complex place that not only offers bath and Jjimjil service, but also food, massage, health club, PC bang and Noraebang service. Koreans go to Jjimjilbang with friends, lovers, and family to use different services and relax. Some foreigners misunderstand that men and women take shower together naked.


However, it is separated by different sexes when take bath and they use borrowed clothes when they experience variety services together. When you go to Jjimjilbang, you can see the transformation of the towel. Koreans call this ‘Yangmeori’, which is towel you wear in head which is shaped of sheep.

Nobody knows when and who started this. However, you can see people regardless of age or sex wear Yangmeori and eat roasted eggs roasted in elvan in most Jjimjilbangs.

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