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‘Ppalli Ppalli’ (Hurry Hurry) is one of the most heard Korean Phrases when foreigners visit Korea. ‘Hurry Hurry’ is typical characteristic of Korea. Koreans prefer everything done fast. Therefore, Korean society changes quickly. Alvin Toffler, a widely noted futurologist from America, commented that Koreans “Hurry Hurry” society became a useful competitive personality in a world that emphasizes speed and time.

Then, how does a “Hurry Hurry” society concretely appear in Korean life?

Even now, many Koreans remember the famous phrase from the advertisement “Who ordered Jajangmyeon~?” that showed over 10 years ago. Jajangmyeon is originally from China but it became
localized in Korea. It is one of many popular foods for Koreans and it initiated the food delivery service. Korean the food delivery goes almost everywhere despite time and place. Interestingly, delivering time does not go over 30 minutes. It is indeed high-speed. In Korea, not only Jajangmyeon, but also, chicken, hamburger, pizza and more can be delivered.
Recently, MacDonalds in Korea became first in the world to begin delivery services. Now that Korean
delivery services are exporting to the world with Korean companies, you might get a chance to the experience the delivery services yourself. Another delivery service is the parcel service and quick service. Ever since parcel service emerged in 1990s, it grew together with internet, home shopping and IT development. Korean can receive products they ordered online within 2 or 3 days. Major cities as
Seoul can get it within a day. In Seoul, quick service using motorcycle is getting popular
Once, Korean ‘Hurry Hurry’ culture got negative assessment. However now, Korean’s hasty characteristic is becoming Korea’s strength in rapidly changing 21st century. Expert from each field appraise Korea’s growth of cell phone and internet in the world was affected by ‘Hurry Hurry’ culture. If you come to Korea, I recommend to enjoy the fast and amazing delivery services.

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