Do you know Dokdo?


The truth about dokdo, a small Korean island in the East Sea of Korea?

Japan is currently trying to take dokdo from Korea and claim it as Japanese territory.

Though, the history of Korea, of Japan, and of any other countries in the world, prove dokdo is Korean land.

In 512 AD, “Samguksagi” records the Korean sovereignty over dokdo for the first time This is more than 1000 years prior to Japanese record.

Samguksagi is an important historical reference of Korean documents in 1667, Japan’s Eunjooshichunghipki even records dokdo as Korean territory.

In 1432 AD, “Sejongsilokjiriji” also contains the Korean record of dokdo. This is still 200 years before Japan’s record.

Sejongsilokjiriji is the historical document designated as National Treasure in UNESCO’s Memory of the world.

In 1696 AD, Japan acknowledges dokdo as Korean territory and prohibits its people from fishing in Korea water.

A Korean fishermen, Yong-bok Ahn, succeeds to obtain the memorandum admiting Korean sovereignty over Dokd-do.

In 1737 AD, A French map of the Kingdom of Korea Royaume de Coree clearly writes dokdo as Korean territory.

By Danville(1697-1782), a geographer and cartographer of France.

In 1785 AD, A Japanese map also specifies dokdo as territory of Korea.

Samgookjubyangjido, by a Japanese scholar Hayashi shihei.

In 1877 AD, Japanese government issues the order that prvoes dokdo to be a Korean territory.

Taejeongkwan the highest governmental appratus of Japan during the Meiji period.

And from 1945 to present, UN peacekeepers confirm and secure dokdo as a territory of Korea according to KADIZ.

Korean Air Defense Identification Zone.

Throughout history, dokdo has been governed by Korea. It has been occupied by Korean citizens and protected by Korean police officers.

NOW, YOU DO KNOW Dokdo belongs to Korea! Always had and always will!

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