Jang Young Sil

In the 15th Century, the Joseon Dynasty became the world’s first nation where the development of science technology, and culture blossomed.

However, even though the Joseon’s people benefited from such achievement, The Koreans themselves, Chinese, Arabs, and Europeans did not know of it.

Joseon had to achieve such development secretly. What a deplorable history it was.

Because then, China, which viewed itself as the center of the world, strongly opposed Joseon’s independent scientific development.

The dramatic hero who led the development through this painful history.

Born in the government offices’ slave, he finally changed the paradigm of the era.

He was the best mechanical engineer in 15th Century northeast Asia and beyond.

Jang Young Sil [장영실]

Due to frequent drought King Sejong the Great held a ritual for rain numerous times, “Every spring and summer, the whole country is a victim of drought. The rice paddies are cracked and crops have dried from long droughts and there are wars for water between farmers. All this is caused by the King’s lack of virtue, which makes the Heaven angry.”

However, Jang Young Sil opposed such claims. “Rain comes according to its timing. A rain falling service does not Allow us to have rain. Human beings should know and use the heaven’s rainy season.”

He considered the natural conditions not as a subject to obey But to control. Jang Young Sil studied practical science, indeed.

Supported by King Sejong the Great He studied in China and manufactured science equipment He invented the Honcheonui, Astrometer,
Yangbuilgu, Sundial (1434)
Jagyeongnu ,Water-clocks (1434)

“The Chinese calendar is not consistent with the Joseon’s time and season. We must observe our sky and create our own calendar.”

It was the 15th year of King Sejong the Great in 1433 when Jang Young Sil carved the Joseon’s constellation, which he observed at the center of Hanyang (the then capital city), in a stone, Cheonmundo.

Joseon widely opened the era of astronomy.

It was 100 years earlier than when Nicolaus Copernicus, who opened modern astronomy, published “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” in 1543.

In 1423, King Sejong the Great released him from the government slave status by giving him a government position.

However, many government officers did not accept the remarkable achievements of Jang Young Sil just because he was born in a lower class. Jang Young Sil just had to bear the discrimination, putting in much more efforts than others.

And his deep consideration of the poor.
“The fruit of technology shall return to the people. The technological achievements shall not be mine but all people of the world.”

He invented Gapinja, movable metal type in 1434, promoting the development of printing thanks to the more aesthetic and precise technology and allowing numerous documents to be printed.

In 1441, he became the world’s first scientist to invent a Cheugugi (Rain Gauge), which was distributed to each village one year later.

The great scientist of Joseon Dynasty.

Born as a slave of the government offices, he disappeared into history without leaving any record of his death. With the demise of the great leader, King Sejong the Great, the brilliant scientific culture of 15th century Joseon could not develop further.

Far later, the Northern School began to accept western astronomy through Beijing and since then the Kyoto Time, which was adopted during the Japanese colonial period, has been used as the standard time for Korea until today.

If King Sejong and Jang Young Sil had been successful in blooming the scientific dream, could it have been possible for us to be using the Korean standard time?

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