Jeong Yak Yong

An architect who designed and directed the construction of Hwaseong Fortress.
Machinery, an engineer who created cranes based on the block principle. 
An engineer who designed a Baedari(Boat Bridge) which put bridge on the boats. 
An engineer who made a bridge using ships at the Han River. 
A geographer who studied Korean geography and history and made map books such as Abang gangyeok-go and Daedong sugyeong. 

An administrator who arranged administrative directions and roles. An educator who suggested practical alternative measures for child education medical scientist who made medical books. 
A jurist who arranged criminal law and legal system. 
An Yehak Scholar who analyzed the complicated Yehak(a field of Neo-Confucianism). 
A linguist who arranged proverb and dialect.

Just One Person
With lots of Careers
Jeong Yak Yong (정약용 1762~1836)

Unprecedented wide academic scope 
Miraculous academic achievement

He always conducted more than 8 kinds of work at the same time Jeong’s own methods to develop omni-directional knowledge

Knowledge Management
1. Goal establishment
2. Data collection
3. Systematic classification
4. Role division and active implementation

The first information society of 18th Century Joseon Dynasty. All kinds of knowledge flew into Joseon through China. He successfully analyzed and unified massive amounts of data before modern printing technology was developed.

He wrote a total of 2,460 pieces of poetry and 542 books by the time he died.

Today, Jeong Yak Yong is sometimes compared with the famous economist, Mr. Peter Ferdinand Drucker, because of his own managerial books about management, which have become must read books for corporate management.

“His work process is remarkable. His ability to analyze and collect information is so scientifically structured and modern that everyone who sees his work will be amazed. His work gives many sources to learn and refer to for us who live in this 21st Century information society. He was, indeed, an all-round knowledge manager and integrated scholar which modern society badly needs.” – Professor. Mr. Jeong Min from Hangyang University -

The First Value seen throughout Jeong’s life and research areas.
“Love of People” (愛民)
“Your passion for literature shall grow along with your consideration towards people.”

Deplored “Yangban,” the upper class of ancient Korea, Jeong clamored for practical study. “Don’t mistake the distant ivory tower for study.”

At the age of 39
He was entrapped by the opposition and sent into exile at Gangjin, Jeollanamdo province for 18 years.

Amid bitterness and fierce difficulties, His ambition and passion toward study was so great that his ankle was broken three times as he sat crossed-legged on the floor during study. He finally created a total of 260 pieces of literature and 232 pieces of Gyeongjeon(the Classics) Interpretation Book.

National Management Book, Gyeongseyupyo “Not even one single sector is not tainted. If we fail to conduct nation-wide reform right now, we will definitely perish.”

The administrators’ guide book, < Mogminsimseo (The Mind Governing the People)> “Politicians should always keep integrity and modesty and think of their people first.”

Punishment norms for priceless human life, < Heumheumsinseo > “Take any case very carefully and show your mercy to the criminal”

<Chonbyeonghokch>i, easy prescription for people in rural areas
< Magwahoetong > Medical book for smallpox.

He dreamed of an equal society. No discrimination against social positions.

He strongly suggested a down-top political structure.

And He spread his hands to help the poor and the weak.

“Love your people and consider your country.
Without this mind-set, any study or literature is nothing but meaningless.” 
-Jeong Yak Yong-

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