Heritages of Gangwondo

Hwanseongul Cave
It is a limestone cave located in Samcheok ciy, Gangwondo Province. It is one of the famous and popular travel destinations in Samcheok city. The length is about 6.5km long and is the biggest limestone cave in South Korea. Inside and outside of the cave, there are many rare and diverse animals and plants. Also, many beautiful and magnificently shaped stalagmites and stalactites are found.

Gangneung Danoje Festival
It is a folk festival which is held in Dano(5th day of the 5th lunar month) every year. It started around 2~3 century in present-day Gangneung city. There are several documentary records about this rite from old books of the Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynasty. The commoners were main performers and governmental officials supported them. They worshipped Gods to pray for good harvests. Today, the mayor of Gangneung is masters of major rites.

Yeongsanjae Buddhist Ritual
It is one of the Buddhist rituals to guide the ghost to integrate Sukhavati(Extreme Bliss) after 49 days of the death. Many ceremonies continue to this rite. Buddhist music and dances are performed. It is held every year in the Bongwonsa Temple, Seoul.


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