Heritages of Hwanghaebukdo

Gongmin Royal Tomb
It is a tomb of King Gongmin. King Gongmin is the thirty-first king of Goryeo Dynasty. He carried out social, administrative and political reformations to tighten discipline of Goryeo. He gave back lands which was occupied by nobilities and emancipated slaves who became slave by illegal ways. In 1365, King himself designed this tomb and set two tombs for him and his queen. He loved his queen very deeply. After her death, he grieved his queen’s death for a long time. On the wall and ceiling, mural paintings of tombs were found like Goguryeo’s tombs.

BongsantalchumMask Dance
Bongsan was a place where diplomatic meetings and occasions were held often and it was the center of this region. Many people always gathered and the mask dance was performed for them once a year. Dances and songs of Bongsan Talchum(mask dance) transmitted and became today’s style in 19C. Themes of these
dances reflect the stories of a depraved Buddhist monk, ruined Yangban(aristocrats) and shaman. Most of them are mainly related to commoners’ life.


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