Heritages of Pyeongyang

Complex of Goguryeo Tombs
Goguryeo Kingdom is one of Kingdoms in ancient Korean history. Its territory was from the northern part of the Korean peninsula to Manchuria. Goguryeo Tombs (about 30 individual tombs) are scattered throughout this area. Many beautiful wall paintings reflect Goguryeo’s culture and are found in these tombs.

Pyeongyangseong Fortress
This fortress was designated as the first national treasure of North Korea. It surrounds the current capital city of North Korea. Goguryeo Kingdom moved their capital from Guknaeseong Castle (present-day Jirin Castle in China) to Pyeongyang in 427 and built this fortress to protect their capital. They separated fortress into 4 zones and used them for different purposes. At the center zone, main governmental buildings were built and in the inner zone, there were royal castle.

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