Korea seeks a way to peaceful unification

Five things that foreigners think when they hear the word, ‘Korea’

The Korean wave (4%)
North korean nuclear issues (6%)
Electronic appliances (12%)
kimchi (18%)
Only divided country in the world (39%) 

5 out of 10 foreigners use “divided country” to describe Korea
an incident that made korea receive international broadcasting stations’ attention

The korean war on june 25, 1950
Since then, the inter-korean problem became the most popular issue about korea and, foreign press’ provocative reports that emphasize a war with the north korea 

“South Korea has experienced so called ‘korea discount’ phenomenon for many years due to geographical threats. although these threats are removed, the country will struggle with high costs of reunification.”
-2010. 12 UK Reuters

North Korean provocation on the yeonpyeong island, november 23 2010
November 28, the rok and us combined naval exercise

On november 27, some ex-marines initiated demonstrations to urge the government to engage in retaliating measures towards the north. riot police uses fire extinguishers to counter them.

CNN: “the police is using tear gas. tensions are rising on streets.

November 28, the rok and us combined naval exercise

CNN: “north korea fired a surface-to-air missile to south korean a fighter jet
A picture showing south korean congressmen’s fist-fighting was selected as “a picture of 2010” by the wall street journal

The korean peninsula described by foreign press
a divided country that is surrounded by conflict and threats of war
However, stories that support a peaceful unification on the korean peninsula is “none”

Foreign press misreports and exaggerated reports that come out every time there are some new developments on the peninsula can stimulate the war on the korean peninsula and can even ruin us economically.
-2011.01.03 yonhap news agency -

Korean people’s opinions on inter-korean problems

“Do you want to see a reunification on the korean peninsula?
“yes, as long as there is no major burden (43%)
“yes, and the reunification must happen (28%)
It shows that 7 out of 10 korea people desire to see the reunification

Is unification possible?
87% says yes 
13% says no

More than 8 out of 10 people are living with the possibility of unification
If international press do not support the unification and mislead public opinion that people on the peninsula do not want to see unification to happen, hopes of the republic of korea will be vanished.

The starting point of germany’ unification movement in the 1980s
“Monday demonstration of german young adults
People who dreamed the unification of germany began prayer meetings quietly and this meeting became a massive event that brought 100,000 people together and initiated the opening of east Germany. Korean young adults who have only dreamed the unification on the sideline now have to stand up together. Internet network that allow to communicate with world’s 6 billion population by using the network, we need to show the future and vision of unification to people around the world.

We have to tell the world boldly the unification that we dream of is not to gain more strength but to end the history of poverty and war and to promote the peace in Asia. 

We are not trying to become a hegemonic country in the northeast asia with more power. We are going to use our power to help and rebuild underdeveloped countries in asia and Africa. 

The unification is not to demolish the north’s regime, but to give hope to people in north korea who fight for hunger and pain. 

We need to let the world’s people know.
The korean peninsula that was divided into the two due to world’s great powers nations’ imperialism and the cold war system.  Therefore, the world has the responsibility to assist the north and south to unify peacefully. 

If the korean peninsula become reunified, it will be finally be saved from threats of war and it will contribute to the world’s peace. 

The peace on the korean peninsula will connect continents with oceans, and europe with asia and consequently the global culture and economy will be thriving to lead public opinion to support the peaceful unification on the korean peninsula by moving hearts and minds of people around the world


 This depends on your finger tip. There were 3 korean young adults. They were filling a road to unification with bricks of hope.

One tourist asked a question
“which direction does this road lead to?”
I do not know. I have already given up building this road
It is only burdensome and i think this is no hope

The second young adult answered. I do not know either. I just get wages and do whatever an architect told me to do. VANK answered this road is a way to peaceful unification. I dream the future where people around the world walk on this road with throbbing hearts. We are filling the road with bricks step by step when the road is completely built, we will go to the peaceful land all together. 

Are you all ready to put bricks of hope all together?

VANK is looking for korean young adults who have ambitious dream and want to accomplish the peaceful unification on the korean peninsula. Prepare your own brick that will make the korean peninsula as asia’s peacemaker. You are a main character of dream that makes hearts of people around the world exciting

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