Pyeongchang, location for the 2018 Winter Olympics

At midnight on July 6, 2011
The voice of the IOC President resounded in Durban, South Africa.


With the roars and cheers of the Korean people, PyeongChang was elected as the host city of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. 

In 2003, PyeongChang lost by three votes to Vancouver, Canada, for the 2010 Games.
In 2007, PyeongChang lost again by four votes to Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Games.
Finally in 2011, the third challenge for the 2018 Games … 

Voting Results
Munich 25 Annecy 7 PyeongChang 63

PyeongChang won the bid with a landslide. Host of the 23rd Olympic Winter Games
Korea rose to a leading power in sports. A Golden Opportunity to Promote Korea to the World
It was the result of the efforts of the entire nation pursuing this opportunity.

Koreans’ Earnest Wish and Whole-hearted Effort

“The sincerity of Koreans touched the hearts of people around the world!” 

Before the vote at the IOC General Assembly, eight presenters made emotional final appeals. PyeongChang’s unique merits and features were revealed through their presentations. The presentations impressed the IOC members and the international community. Korea will become the stage for an international sports event in 2018.

Now, every Korean is preparing their own presentation to win the hearts of the people of the world. Number of Expected Foreign Visitors during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics : 195,000
-Gangwon Tourism Research Institute – 

February 9 ~ February 25, 2018
The Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang
A Dynamic Winter Sports Event for 16 Days
A lot of people will visit Korea from all over the world.
They will experience the warmth and hospitality of the Korean people.
Koreans’ Genuine Generosity and Kindness

PyeongChang will be your first taste of the excitement of Korea. We welcome you with all our hearts.
“Happy 700” PyeongChang Located 700 m above sea level, the optimal altitude for the wellbeing of humans and animals 

Korea’s Pristine Highland Village
Aspiring to Become ‘the Alps of Asia’, Korea’s Best Winter Sports Resort Complex PyeongChang in Gangwon Province  

The Land of Majestic Nature, with 84% of the Land Composed of Mountains
Clean Air and Beautiful Mother Nature 

Baekdu Mountain Range, the Backbone of the Korean Peninsula, as its Background
PyeongChang has many attractions with breathtaking snowy landscapes. 

Odaesan National Park
Odaesan has been known as one of Korea’s most celebrated mountains, along with Geumgangsan, Jirisan and Hallasan. 

Odaesan boasts the densest forest in Korea, comparable to Yellowstone in the USA.
Odeasan National Park is Korea’s premier natural attraction, rivaling the world’s best-known national parks.

Bangadari Yaksu in Odaesan
Yaksu : water that can act like a medicine by drinking it or soaking in it

Odaesan has instilled a special taste and aroma in its water. Bangadari Yaksu is known as one of the 7 most famous spring water sources in Korea.

Korea Botanic Garden 
A Korean-style botanic garden at the foot of Odaesan, featuring Korean native flowers and plants
Different from the western botanic gardens, Korea Botanic Garden offers a glimpse of small, cute flowers, creating the oriental charm of harmony.

Lee Hyoseok Culture Village
Hometown of Lee Hyoseok, the author of ‘When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom’ Korea’s Oldest Culture Village

Birthplace of Lee Hyoseok, Adjoining flower garden, full of blooming white buckwheat flowers
The Lee Hyoseok Culture Village brings you into his novel.

Daegwallyeong, A place that sees the first frost in Korea
Only Route to Seoul from the Yeongdong region
Daegwallyeong consists of long curvy hills that have a lot of history.

General Kim Yushin sharpened his martial arts skills in Daegwallyeong. He was the leading figure in unifying the three ancient kingdoms of Korea. 

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm
Here, green meadows meet the blue sky.

A herd of sheep wander around the grand Taebaek mountain range.
Korea’s oldest sheep farm creates picturesque scenery.

Yongpyong Resort
An unspoiled area with crystal-clear valleys and snow-covered mountain hills

Winter Sports Mecca in Asia Center of Korea’s Ski Industry

Yongpyong Resort has led the development of Korea’s ski industry. PyeongChang features various festivals every season.

Korea’s Biggest Winter Festival Daegwallyeong Snow Festival
Experience Seeing Odaesan’s Native Flowers Mountain Wildflower Festival

Wellbeing Local Produce of Gangwon Province
Gangwon Potato Festival

Music Performances by Internationally Acclaimed Musicians
Great Mountain International Music Festival & School
Indulge Yourself with Buckwheat Flowers in Bongpyeong

Hyoseok Cultural Festival
PyeongChang is full of things to see and do all year round.
Koreans are ready to present the charms of PyeongChang and Korea.

Pride of Our Towns
Our Genuine Effort to Show Our Hometowns
We believe our efforts will be the seed for a miracle in Korean tourism.

Come and Experience PyeongChang and Korea!

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