Sixth Global Korea Travel&Culture Honorary Ambassador Ceremony

In last Monday, about 150 college students gathered at the National Museum of Korea. All students were candidates of Global Korea Travel&Culture Honorary Ambassador. VANK and Visit Korea Commitee has appointed about 4,200 students as Global Korea Travel&Culture Honorary Ambassador who  introduce travel and culture information to the world. For this project, VANK and VKC prepared special lectures for the candidates.

Here are time table of that day: 
10:30~10:32 Announcement of opening
10:32 Congratulatory Message by a director of VKC
10:35~10:55 Awards ceremony of 5th Ambassadors
10:55~11:10 Introduction to activities of 5th Ambassadors
11:10~11:30 Presentations of 5th Ambassadors
11:30~12:30 Lunch time
12:30~13:20 Lecture 1: Youth Korean! Be a challenger! by Gitae Park(Director of VANK)
13:20~14:00 Introduction to VKC by Han Hyeon-suk(VKC)
14:10~15:00 Global Etiquette by Kim Eun-hee(VKC)
15:00~15:30 How to introduce Korea by storytelling by Lee Jung-Ae(Researcher of VANK)
15:40~16:10 Korea in the world by Lim Hyeon-suk(Researcher of VANK) 

Around 10:30 am, many people came to the hall. Many students lined up in front of hall. All participants recieved special package which consists of printed materials of VANK and VKC.

Kim Hyeon-jun(VKC) opened ceremony with welcoming messages for college students and guests at 10:30 am.

A director of VKC awarded excellent Honorary Ambassadors of fifth term with gold medals and certificates. About 30 students were appinted as GHAK officially.

All winners gathered with directors of VANK and VKC. Please celebrate their awards.

Kim Sae-bom, a researcher of VANK, is giving a presentation of activities of Honorary Ambassadors of fifith term. We believe that many candidates of Honorary Ambassadors of sixth term was inspired by her presentation and activities.

Kim Do-yeon, Honorary Ambassador, gave a prensentation about her activities.

Lim Sol-bin, Honorary Ambassador, also gave a presentation about his activities.

After lunch time, the director of Park Gi-tae gave a lecture to students. He told his experiences how and why he founded VANK. And he said what students do for themselves and Korea.

Second lecture was given by Han Hyeon-suk, a manager of VKC about VKC and how to introduce Korea to foreigners.

Lee Jung-ae, a researcher of VANK, gave a lecture how to introduce Korea by storytelling. She presented her trip to Africa and her own know-hows that she gained during last 10 years of activities at VANK.

The last lecture was given by Lim Hyeon-suk, a researcher of VANK. She presented what people in the world know about Korea, distorted or wrong information on Korea from different kinds of media, such as websites, textbooks, applications and etc.

Ok Da-hye and Woo Yeon-take gave short presentation about their activities as VANK members. They are curently working in VANK office as volunteer interns.

All candidates gathered at the stage and flew paper plane which candidates wrote down their dreams on it together. We hope that all dreams of candidates will come true in the future.

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